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My account got hacked today!

2022.01.25 16:35 HushWave My account got hacked today!

My account got hacked today, I am not sure what to do other than mail them, someone help me I am freaking out
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2022.01.25 16:35 lordoftheauxcord Looking for a fast paced drum beat intro like this, any help is appreciated!

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2022.01.25 16:35 Gadget14 My darling Mabel passed yesterday, 2 years and 4 months, she was the best Ratto and no words can truly capture the heartbreak that I feel 😞 I just wanted to share a few photos of her and her adorable smushy face ❤️ [warning] the last photo does show stitches so please avoid if you need to.

My darling Mabel passed yesterday, 2 years and 4 months, she was the best Ratto and no words can truly capture the heartbreak that I feel 😞 I just wanted to share a few photos of her and her adorable smushy face ❤️ [warning] the last photo does show stitches so please avoid if you need to. submitted by Gadget14 to RATS [link] [comments]

2022.01.25 16:35 haikuudontknow Notify me

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2022.01.25 16:35 Funny_News_2177 Teenagers found a baby in an egg box in Siberia, it was minus 20 degrees outside

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2022.01.25 16:35 Zebra-Tux One of my favorite creations thus far (started a couple of days ago)

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2022.01.25 16:35 iamnotafanoffish Recently loading screens take up to a minute and a half

When I select a mode and when I leave to lobby from matches loading screens take up anywhere from 1 to almost 3 minutes out of my friends I'm the only one experiencing this. I tried deleting the game and redownloading and it seemed to work but today when i got on i let it finish downloading save the world and now the loading screen thing is back. I also just can't go into stw it just doesn't load and I play on ps4 btw
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2022.01.25 16:35 theoneandonlysophia Clothing functionality vs joy

I’m cleaning out my closet right now & am really struggling with it. I am noticing that most of my clothing doesn’t spark joy, but has certain functional aspects like comfort, fits for certain occasions etc. I also don’t have the $ to go out and get a lot of new clothing right now so I can’t get rid of the majority of it. How do I distinguish between items that I feel hesitant to give bc of functionality vs. the items I should actually keep? Would appreciate any advice :)
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2022.01.25 16:35 OverlyAggressiveFig [WTB] Hornady LnL AP accessories

Hey all,
Looking for the following:

I have some feedback on GAFS and Calguns if concerned.
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2022.01.25 16:35 ChinaLouise Do you think Christians are unfairly bullied on Reddit? Why or why not?

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2022.01.25 16:35 apples919 First ever time doing the 'train an epic hero' in the Hero academy and got this! What are the odds? I know the retrain to get a non S1 5 star is terrible in my experience.

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2022.01.25 16:35 DarkJay Best way to hop in for expansion pack?

So I 100% the game back in 2020. I wanted to play through the expansion with New Game Plus but I noticed it skips the entire prologue. Im a little disoriented jumping back in. Any suggestions on getting into the groove of the game again?
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2022.01.25 16:35 oopuhloopuh Free Big Co Murda

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2022.01.25 16:35 Aggressive_Grab5377 Electricity Prices pt2

Hey everyone! Just an update from my previous post, we called Naturgy last week and they told us that they will send someone to check our electric meter if there’s something wrong about it because even they admitted that it is kinda unusual if we dont use much appliances at home. So I hope they DO find something wrong.
Anyway, I was checking our last month’s electric bill and I was doing the math but upon checking, I had no idea where the Costa de la Energia amounting to 186.18 came from? I understand that’s the amount for the total energy consumed but I just dont quite understand the math. Can anyone enlighten me? Thank you in advance!
Also, one more question. Say I have my heater (potencia: 1.2kWh) turned on for 8hrs everyday for 30 days, and say for example the rate per kWh is based on the Punta rate (which is the most expensive) .031511 €/kWh, shouldnt that account to just €9.08 a month? I’m asking because in relation to my previous question above, I have no idea where they’re getting the 186.18 from.
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2022.01.25 16:35 NotShiaLaBeouf_ 27 M Vaccinated and Boostered Timeline

Fri 1/21- Start feeling a bit achy/congested. It’s been very cold outside so I just attributed it to that.
Sat 1/22- Felt alright that morning but in the afternoon/evening I started running a low grade fever. It varied from 99-100 for 1-2 hours. Fever broke quick and that night I felt largely fine.
Sun 1/23- Took a PCR test because I wanted to be sure before returning to my office. Have some congestion but feels mostly like a mild cold or allergies.
Mon 1/24- Test comes back positive. Still have some very mild congestion but feel fine for the most part. Watery eyes are most annoying symptom really.
Today 1/25- symptoms remain very mild. Feels like a mild cold you get from being out in cold weather. Haven’t had a fever since Saturday and would have gone to work and proceeded as normal were this pre Covid days.
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2022.01.25 16:35 yourdarjeeling Hi im looking for books/movies that are inspired/have the vibe of the early 2010s emo trend

As much as i hate it, i can take Twilight as an example for better explanation, but obviously anything could work. Thank you so muchhh
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2022.01.25 16:35 harryt725 Rep. Jim Cooper will not seek re-election

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2022.01.25 16:35 ateskes post ları geliştirdim azıcık ;)

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2022.01.25 16:35 HeadOfSpectre The Paragon Mom - Final Update

Aurora Pryce and I watched from the entrance of the chamber as the Bone Puppet trudged through the flooded ritual site, painting runes of blood upon the standing stones. I didn’t know how much time we had before it was finished preparing whatever obscene ritual it intended to perform, but I knew that it wasn’t much.

Pryce stared down at the abomination of bones and sinew, guided along by strings of gore by the puppetmaster in the ceiling… The Bone Collector itself. I still couldn’t bring myself to look up at the mass of pulsating organs above us. The overwhelming stink of rot and decay already turned my stomach. I didn’t need anything else to push me over the edge.

Pryce and I had spoken in hushed tones as we’d watched the Bone Puppet meander about. A backpack with the remaining dynamite sat beside her. It wasn’t much… But I trusted that she’d have enough.

“Fastest route down would be through the left hand side…” Pryce said, “You see it?” She gestured to a narrow stone path, leading down into the water where the standing stones were.
“Once I’ve got it distracted, you can get to the cage and figure out a way to get your son out. Then, we haul ass and get the fuck out of here.”
“It sounds simple when you put it that way…” I said.
“It will be. I’ll keep you covered and keep its focus on me. You’ve got this.”

She put a hand on my shoulder.
“You’ve got this.”
I took a deep breath, then exhaled.
“I’ve got this…”
I picked up my shotgun and checked to make sure it was loaded. Pryce patted me on the shoulder, wearing a gentle, almost reassuring smile. I tried to smile back… I don’t know if it looked sincere or not. Then, I went to rescue my son.

I headed to the left, following the path down. The Bone Puppet was facing away from me as it lifted a skewed standing stone back into place. I hadn’t even made it halfway down the path when I saw something fly through the air out of the corner of my eye.

The Bone Puppet looked over towards the entrance of the cavern as something struck it, close to the neck. It took me a moment to realize that Pryce had just thrown a stick of dynamite and her aim had been perfect.

The dynamite slipped through the top of the ribcage and collapsed into the Bone Puppets body. It glared up at her in silence for a moment… Then came the explosion, tearing through the abomination's body and blowing through its ribs. One of the Bone Puppets arms was ripped away from it. The standing stone it had been seeing to was pushed back by the force of the blast and slowly collapsed into the water.

The entire chamber rumbled violently and I collapsed off my feet, rolling to the ground a short distance from the stagnant, bloody water. I could smell the decay emanating from the pool on the chamber floor and it made me gag. But I was so close.

I could see Brandon, just a few feet away… The explosion had gotten his attention and he was staring at the broken Bone Puppet in awe. His attention shifted towards the top of the chamber, to where Pryces muzzle flashed as she opened fire on the damaged puppet.

Above us, I could see the pulsating organs of the Bone Collector shifting. They seemed to move and make way for something else. A single bare eyeball pushed through them, staring down into the cavern. He knew we were there.

I waded into the water, trying not to breathe in the stink of countless corpses. Brandon looked over at me, noticing me for the first time as Pryce kept the Bone Puppets' attention.

“Mom?!” I heard him cry as I reached the cage. “Mom, what are you doing here?”
“I’m taking you home…” I said under my breath. I tugged at the door to his cage. It wouldn’t give. A rusted padlock sealed it shut… Of course…
“Mom, you shouldn’t be here!” The terror in Brandon's voice was clear but I ignored it.
“Get away from the door…” I said as I raised the shotgun. His eyes widened as he realized just what I was about to do and he ran to the furthest corner of the cage and covered his head.

I fired at the lock. My first shot warped it into an unrecognizable hunk of metal. With a growl of frustration, I fired again. The lock broke in two. I felt a piece of shrapnel fly past my face, leaving a deep cut against my forehead. It was only then that it dawned on me that shooting the lock probably wasn’t the best idea… But I really couldn’t argue with the results.

With the lock gone, I ripped the door open. Brandon looked up, eyes still wide as he did. Then, he ran to me, pulling me into a tight hug. I couldn’t stop myself from hugging him back.

My son… My little boy… He was safe. I had him. He was safe…
He was back with me…
No… We weren’t safe, not just yet.

I glanced over at the Bone Puppet who was currently still distracted by Pryce. It had begun trying to climb up the side of the chamber to reach her. I could see her lighting a second stick of dynamite and tossing it down at the damaged puppet. The dynamite stuck it on the skull, landing in one of its empty eye sockets. The explosion tore most of the skull away, leaving rotten brains to leak out of it.

“We need to go…” I said as I tugged at Brandons hand, “Come on. We need to go right now!”
The Bone Puppet slid down the wall of the chamber and as it did, Pryce glanced at me and Brandon as we waded through the pool of gore to head back up to the top of the chamber. I looked up to see the single glaring eye watching her… Before it shifted its attention to me.

I suddenly felt a hand close around my ankle. I tried to pull away only for my leg to be violently pulled out from under me, sending me crashing into the water. More rotten hands grabbed my arms and held me down, only allowing my head to barely remain above the surface of the water.

“MOM!” Brandon called.
“Just keep running!” I cried back, before looking to see something else emerging from the stagnant water.
An animal skull, reminiscent of a boar and still streaked in rotting flesh appeared mounted on a skeleton that looked too big to be human.

“I grow weary of this charade.” A low voice growled, coming from everywhere and nowhere at once. “You’ve proven more troublesome than I had anticipated… But it is of no consequence. You are in my world… Subject to my will… All of you…”

Skeletal hands reached out of the water, grabbing Brandon by the legs just as he set foot onto dry land and began to drag him back. Behind the Boar headed puppet, I could see more shapes rising from the water. Amalgamations of bones, coming together to form new and horrible shapes.

“Yet you do not disappoint. I had hoped you would not heed my warning to turn back… It is so much easier when new additions come to you. Haste aside… You’ve done me a service. Three souls for the work required to obtain but one…”

The Boar Puppet reached down to caress my cheek with a rotten, skeletal hand. I tried to pull away, but another hand grabbed my hair from beneath the water to keep my head in place.

“Do not struggle… You cannot run. You cannot escape my embrace. Forget about your home. Forget about the life you lived. Forget about why you came. The candlelight that waits for you outside this place cannot find you here. You belong to me now… For your generosity, I shall find a place of honor for your skull.”

A horse's skeleton, with a wolf's head trotted past me and Brandon. A second spine rose from its back, connected to a rotting human skeleton, carrying a spear of bone, almost like a perversion of a centaur. Another doglike beast with massive fangs loped past as well, followed by several other unholy things. I desperately tried to pull myself out of the grasp of the countless hands that held me down but there was no escape. The Boar Puppet looked away from me before calmly striding past me, following the other abominations up the walls to pursue Pryce. I could faintly hear the sound of her rifle as she shot at the countless things advancing on her… But I knew that not even she could kill them all.

We were so close… We’d come so close… I’d gotten Brandon out! We were almost home! Now, I could only look up at the single eye of the Bone Collector staring down at us and I realized that it would likely be the last thing I ever saw…

I realized that I was going to die there, buried alive in a mass grave with my bones repurposed by the thing that had taken my son… I considered trying to force my head under the water so I could at least drown… Drowning would probably be better than whatever the Bone Collector would do to me… But then, what about Brandon? What about Pryce? The thought of killing myself just to escape whatever hell was planned for me, and leaving them to their fate seemed selfish…

I didn’t know what to do.
I didn’t know what I could do…
The gunshots were so far away…
And then…

The eye in the ceiling seemed to widen and shake violently. I felt the entire cavern tremble. The hands holding me down suddenly released as a deafening, inhuman scream tore through the chamber, causing the water to ripple. The skeletal abominations rising from the water around me all seemed to seize up. Some of them collapsed.

The eye pulled back into the mass of organs which seemed to pulsate more violently than before. One of the lungs seemed to deflate as waterfalls of blood poured from the ceiling into the pool on the floor below. Pryce stood near the entrance to the cavern, her rifle aimed at the mass of organs that was the true Bone Collector and I realized what she’d done.

I wasted no time in picking myself up and scrambling through the bloody water, towards Brandon. I pulled him to his feet and coaxed him up the path, back to Pryce. Ahead of me, I could see some of the abominations convulsing in pain. I raised my shotgun towards one and fired, ripping it apart and sending it to the ground. I crashed against another one, sending it off the edge of the path and back down into the water below.

Ahead, I could see Pryce shooting at some of the advancing creatures. The centaur creature I had seen before was curling in on itself a few feet away from her. The human skull of its ‘rider’ had been destroyed and the lower jaw of the wolf skull was missing. I took aim at the spine that connected the two skeletons and fired at it, damaging the beast even more as I reached Pryce. As soon as she saw that we were at the mouth of the cavern, she turned to follow us. From the corner of my eye, I could see some of the skeletal puppets starting to recover as the Bone Collector started to compose itself again. It would only be a moment before they were on us again.

I grabbed Brandon by the hand, pulling him behind me as we ran. Pryce kept a close distance behind us watching our back as we got out. I could hear another inhuman screech echo behind us. The Bone Collector was coming. As we ran out the mouth of the cavern, the only indicator that anything had changed was the smell of fresher air and the distant candlelight, waiting for us. Brandon ran towards it almost instinctively.

Pryce slowed down as we reached the mouth of the cavern. The sound of things in pursuit was growing closer and in the darkness, I could see her raising her rifle at something. She took a moment to steady her aim… Then she fired.

The explosion of the dynamite she’d rigged around the cavern's entrance illuminated the bog for a few seconds and I suspect cast more light upon that place than it had seen in centuries. I could hear animalistic screams from the depths of the cavern as part of it collapsed, burying the creatures inside and preventing them from reaching us.

We’d stopped them for the time being.
Pryce let out a sigh of relief before looking back at me.
“What did I tell you?” She asked, breathlessly. “Simple.”

The marsh around us began to shake suddenly and I could hear the sound of something massive emerging from the water around us. I couldn’t see Pryce’s face very clearly… But I didn’t need to, to know the expression she wore. Amongst the shadows, I could see something emerging from the water. Ancient, rotting bones belonging to long dead beasts, coming together to form new abominations… Creatures we couldn’t possibly hope to fight off.

“Run.” I heard Pryce say, “GO! NOW!”

I didn’t need to be told a second time. I reached out for Brandons hand but he had already taken off towards the light and I was quick to follow.


I could see a colossus of bones rising from the waters, larger than the Bone Puppet had been… Larger than anything I’d seen before had been. The light was getting closer but not by much. It had taken us hours to make it this far… We didn’t have hours to outrun this thing. I felt the ground shake behind me as something crashed into the earth but I didn’t get a look at what it was. I only just looked ahead, towards the light.

However, in its corona, I could see the shadows of massive, skeletal beings. Giants, constructed entirely of discarded bone. They were looking to block our path.

There was nowhere left to run. The skeletons drew nearer to us. Closing in on us to reclaim us. I stopped and stepped in front of Brandon as if there was a chance in hell I could protect him from what was coming. I could see Pryce gripping her rifle tightly.

Then I heard it… A low droning noise that echoes through the distant trees and across the dead marsh. Like a horn that signaled the coming of something great.
The skeletons froze.

Not a single one dared to move and the three of us remained still, waiting to see what would happen next.

The candlelight grew brighter as it seemed to draw closer as the skeletons began to collapse back into the water and then… Silence.

“What was that?” I finally dared to ask. I looked over at Pryce only to see dread written across her face. She took a moment to register that I was speaking to her and when did replied, she did so in a low, quiet voice.
“I think somebody else just noticed us…”

The ground trembled beneath us as the world changed. The forest shifted closer, overtaking the marsh. New trees grew violently from the ground around us, driving back the Bone Collectors territory as the Grove retook it and the light of home drew closer and closer. I could almost see it through the windows of my house.

“Moments more, Lord… I need only moments more…” The voice of the Bone Collector pleaded.

“You have had your time.” A new voice said. This one was deeper, with a commanding tone to it. “No more.”

The trees in front of us parted. I could see my house through them, with the light of the candle shining through the window. Behind us, the remnants of the Bone Collector retreated into the marsh, sinking beneath the waters once more and leaving us at the mercy of whatever waited ahead.

“Come… Home awaits.” The new voice said. I slowly took a single step forward. Nothing came for me… Nothing attacked me… I looked over at Brandon, then at Pryce and started towards the shadow of my house again.

Together we climbed the stairs up onto the porch. The forest seemed to close behind us. The back door of my house sat open, looking both ominous and inviting at the same time. Through it, I could see the table where the candle sat waiting but behind it… Behind it was something else entirely.

A figure stood, taller than any man I’d ever seen before. In the light of the candle, I could see that he wore a well pressed suit. But the details of his face were hidden by darkness. I could only see the vague shape of it. It resembled a deer skull, with sharp antlers jutting out of its skull. They should have scraped my ceiling but this creature gave no indication that the height of the room was a problem. If anything, the ceiling seemed higher than before. Two small, glowing yellow eyes watched us from the shadow of the man's head.

“You’ve done well to cross the Midnight Grove. Few have survived that experience by itself, without needing to also face one of my disciples.”
“What are you?” I asked.
“I have a thousand names, from a thousand different civilizations… Yours has dubbed me Lugal. The Midnight Grove is my domain. My little haven from the cruelty of the Gods.”

“Lugal…” I repeated, “What do you want? Why did you stop the Bone Collector?”
“I’ve watched you since you first set foot in my world… Your skirmish with the Ghoul, your little expedition. I’ve seen it all. You’ve come so far. Letting him drag you back into his marsh to fuel his inane little obsessions is far too depressing an end for the likes of you… You deserve something better… I have cultivated this place to rival Hell itself, but I am not completely without mercy… I would see you leave this place and return to your life. But I will not do so for free.”
“What do you want in exchange?” I asked.
“Nothing of value to you, I promise… But her…”

I could see the Lugal's eyes shifting over to Pryce.
“What a fine guide you’ve chosen… One of the group who defeated Anitharith, and my how you’ve grown since… Runed weapons, clever tricks and a working knowledge of this place. Do I detect the scent of Caroline Vega on you? It would explain so much. Such a valuable soul. I don’t think the Collector recognized your worth, nor the threat you posed. But I do. You could do well in the Grove my dear… Very well indeed…”

“If you know I took down a God like Anitharith, then you should know to stay the fuck out of my way.” Pryce warned, leveling her rifle at the Lugal. It just laughed at her.
“Such pride... Anitharith has been defeated before by better than you, as has the Collector. You smothered Anitharith in her crib… One could hardly call it a defeat and you’ve only survived the Collector because I deemed it so… Impressive feats nevertheless, but do not forget your place. Shoot me if you must. But I am beyond Vegas little tricks… Besides… The decision is not yours. It is hers.”

The Lugal’s eyes returned to me.
“What do you think? Aurora Pryce, for your safe passage home?”
My muscles tensed up. I stared at the man in front of me, before glancing at Pryce.

It would’ve been easy… Leave her to her fate and go… I would have my son back. I would be safe, with Brandon! I could say that the Collector had gotten her, or maybe one of the ghouls… Nobody would ever know. Nobody but me, Brandon, Pryce, and the Lugal itself.

Pryce kept her eyes on the Lugal. She just kept her hands on her gun, ready to fight. She didn’t try to beg me to change my mind. She didn’t try to plead her case. She knew that she didn’t need to.

I took a deep breath and exhaled. Then I raised the shotgun and fired into the Lugals face. He barely even reacted, but the gunshot was the only provocation Pryce needed to start shooting.

The Lugal seemed to fade into the shadows behind him. I could see it dart to the side, crawling along my wall like an insect. Its body had changed, the only recognizable part of it being the deer skull that it had as its head.
“So be it…” It hissed.

Something struck me, knocking me off my feet. I could see the Lugal descending on Pryce its horned head crashing into her and sending her flying. Her rifle fell from her hands. I saw Brandon make a dive for it, only for the shadow of the Lugal to turn on him. Before he even reached it, it had rushed him and knocked him aside.

“If you offer nothing to permit you to leave, then you simply shall not leave.” The Lugal crooned. I saw its body reforming into that of a man again and it approached the candle. It reached out towards it to snuff the flame.

Pryce pulled her knife from her belt and lunged towards it from behind. The Lugal simply stepped to the side before she could make contact with it, letting her drive her knife into the table. In one fluid motion, it struck her with the back of its hand, sending her back down to the ground. Then, it bent down to grab her by the throat.

“Either way… You will not leave this place, Aurora Pryce… You were never meant to.”

I forced myself to my feet and grabbed the knife buried in the table. The Lugal's attention was focused on Pryce. I had exactly one chance.

I raised the knife and drove it into the Lugal’s back. I felt it connect with something and I heard a deafening howl of rage and pain. Something knocked me backward and I crashed into the table, almost knocking it over. The Lugal let Pryce fall, and she rolled away from it as its body violently convulsed. I could see several hands sprouting from its body, reaching into its back to tear the knife out. It only took it a few moments. But that was all the time we needed.

Pryce scrambled to her feet and sprinted towards the table. Brandon had rushed to my side. I grabbed his hand and waited until I was sure that he’d grabbed Pryce. Then I snuffed out the light.

The world shifted around us. I saw the Lugal shaking violently. Countless hands emerged from the shadows, each one reaching out to us. Its skeletal head turned to look at me, eyes glowing brightly in rage and then…


Outside, I could see twilight shining through the window. Pryce collapsed down onto the floor, before she started laughing. I just kept a death grip on the table, before looking around to make sure that Brandon was still with us. He was. Any closer, and he would’ve been clinging to me.

I wrapped him in a tight hug and finally allowed myself to start crying. I could feel Brandon shaking against me as he sobbed.
“I’m sorry…” Was the only thing he said, “I’m sorry…”
“It’s okay…” I assured him, “I’m here for you… You’re home now…”

I looked over to see that Pryce was standing again, still grinning from ear to ear. She walked over to the window to look out at the twilight sky and started laughing again, before looking back at me. Her laughter faded into a warm smile, and she quietly stepped out the back door to give us some privacy for a moment.

Once I was done consoling Brandon, we went outside to join her.
“God, I never thought I’d be so happy to see sunlight…” She said before taking in a deep breath of fresh air.
“You and me both…” I replied. I looked into the forest. There was nothing in the trees but despite everything, I still didn’t feel safe. At least now, I knew I could get away from that feeling.

“Thank you.” I said, “For everything. I wouldn’t have him back if it wasn’t for you.”
“Thanks for not handing me over to the Lugal to save your own ass.” Pryce said with a smile. She punched me lightly on the shoulder. “I can’t imagine he’s too happy about what just went down… I dunno how you feel about city living, but I’d avoid the woods if I were you.”

“Oh, I’d be very happy to move houses right now.” I said with a sigh, “I don’t suppose you’re a real estate agent too?”
“No, but I might know a guy.” She said, “If you wanted his number. And I know a few good bars in Toronto if you’re ever in the area and wanted to grab a drink.”
That sounded lovely.

Brandon and I spent the next few nights in a hotel in Tevam Sound. That’s where we are right now, actually.

It’s taking some time to get everything finalized. I’m putting the house up for sale, trying to find a place in the city and planning to leave Tevam Sound behind as soon as possible. I think it’ll be better that way, for me and for Brandon.

Speaking of Brandon, he seems more like his old self. He hasn’t talked much about what he saw inside the Grove, but then again, I haven’t asked. To be honest, we’ve only really spoken about it once since we escaped the Midnight Grove that day. We were in our hotel room talking about something else when he brought it up.

“It talked to me in Dad’s voice.” He said, “It said it wanted to help me… It said that something was coming and I needed to stop it… I got scared. I… I did what it told me to do. I didn’t think…”
He trailed off, not wanting to say anything else. I just pulled him in close for a hug.

“Well, it’s not here right now.” I told him, “It’s never going to touch you again.”
I don’t know if he believes that.
I don’t know if I believe that.

I haven’t told Brandon about this, but I’ve been seeing shadows moving out of the corner of my eye. Last night, I saw a figure on the street. I couldn’t see his face, but I could see the silhouette of his antlers in the darkness. I could see his shining golden eyes.

I’ve called Doctor Vega. She gave me some items to help keep Brandon and I safe. I’m thinking that we should move hotels soon too. Maybe find someplace closer to the city, away from the forest.

“I can’t imagine he’s too happy about what just went down…” Pryce had said. No… No, I can’t imagine he is. I have the eye of the Lugal now. I don’t think that’s a good thing. But I have my son back. That’s the only thing that matters. It’s the only thing I care about.

I truly hope this is the last time I’ll ever have to post and in honor of that, I have just one more thing to say.

Goodbye strangers. I hope you’re safe out there.
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2022.01.25 16:35 International-Ad-308 Yuji vs Choso- Motion capture

Yuji vs Choso is a fight that contends for number one in the entire series. The choreography and atmosphere was incredible and I genuinely can't wait to see it animated.
I'm hoping that MAPPA could use motion capture like they did for God of Highschool. They used it in a couple of episodes ( Mori vs Ilpyo) and I was honestly stunned by the result. As someone who does taekwondo it felt like I was actually watching a sparring match.
For this fight the inspiration was the Raid, a movie which uses the Indonesian martial art of Silat. If they could hire Silat experts to do the fight scene it would add an air of authenticity and could easily go down as a top fight in anime.
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2022.01.25 16:35 ICryInShower Milloin kutsuntakirje tavallisesti saapuu? Virallisilla sivustoilla sanotaan vain "vuoden alussa". Ihan vaan kiinnostais tietää :)

[ei todellakaan johdu siitä, että odotan sitä kuumeisesti ja sen pitäs vissiin kohta tulla]
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2022.01.25 16:35 AnswerSeeker29 Next step in my career?

Looking for thoughts - I'm about two years into my law career. Started at the Bronx DA, stayed for about a year, and then got hired at a medical malpractice defense firm. I'm worried about pigeon-holing myself into this field. I feel like I have about a year or two to figure out what my next step in my law career will be. Is there a next step that makes sense? Am I doomed to stay in medical malpractice defense if I'm here for the first few years of my career? Thoughts and advice are appreciated.
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