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Can you stop finding horrible excuses to justify why someone wants to stop seeing you

The fact is, you don’t WANT to debate any of these people. It’s why when you search for “James Lyndsay debate” on YouTube, all you’ll find is you being interviewed by people who already agree with you 100%. Hell 95% of the links in this piece link to other pages on You won’t even leave the safety of your own website. You don't really know what the author wants. The reader just put in a roller coaster of feel making you sick of overused sappy drama and tragedy. It'd be still fine if it's just one person but when harem is the theme, you are split into [insert harem number] and put into those number of roller coaster. Even though you can’t change how your boyfriend’s mother acts – or how he responds to her – you can try a couple ways to stop her from ruining your relationship. You can even stop thinking “I hate my boyfriend’s mother” and start focusing on healthier ways to interact with them both. 3. Remember that no one makes you feel anything Faith in God is the key to pleasing God. It is right to have faith because God is reliable.Faith also releases the blessing of God.It brings God onto the scene. Many people fail to get answers to prayer because they don’t have the kind of relationship with God that makes them confident that God is going to answer them. She's remorseful, yes, because she's afraid that her world will change and seeing you hurt makes her feel bad so she wants you to get rid of your hurt (i.e. forgive her) so that she can stop feeling bad. She wants to be let off the hook and not have to deal with any far-reaching consequences of her behavior. We hope that after seeing the benefits, you’re eager to stop drinking. ... You find all kinds of excuses to justify it. My sleep is horrible, I feel like hell in the morning and I know my looks are definitely different. I’m sick of feeling sick. I want to feel great. ... Glad you are finding benefits in sobriety after just a week! We wish ... Rihannan Alessin, a queen rotting in prison. Despaired and without hope, she drank poison and died. But… unbeknownst to her, the deity gave her a second chance at life. She was twelve again. And this time, she would live life differently. Six years later, she chooses to become Arundell’s queen… “If you’re asking me to step down from the marriage proposal, I can’t.” “Marry me ... Seeing family and friends secretly. But there are some things you might consider keeping to yourself, like: The exact number of people you've slept with; How great your ex was; Finding your partner's best friend really hot; Hating someone in their family or close friend circle. It'd be like saying "so you have an engineering degree, oh a masters from 20 years ago. Cool, remember Lagrange multipliers and Hamiltonians? I'm sure you do. Here's a problem. You have 10 minutes" That's why we keep seeing the failures of the past repeat. Tech selects for people too young to know it and too arrogant to study it. > Real example: One person I know has 2 $150k jobs for a total of $300k. If they joined as a jr engineer at a FANGMULA or equivalent, they would be making $300k, not be fucking stressed about the duplicity that is working 2 jobs, learn more because it's a better company and get promoed to sr engineer within a year or two and make $400-500k instead.

2022.01.25 16:39 Kooky_Gur_1756 Can you stop finding horrible excuses to justify why someone wants to stop seeing you

I noticed this very common behavior where some girls/women accuse men for only dating them for sex or "using" them for sex as they say after a breakup or things didn't work out.
This happened to me two times when I was casually dating. The first girl claimed to be going with the flow too. She was actually pretty fun and we went on 8+ dates and had sex three times. I noticed a few red flags but not something that will be a deal-breaker in a casual relationship. I told her that it was really fun meeting her and that she is a wonderful person. Only to get many longs texts where she says that I got what I needed and that I'm an asshole and that I was waiting for her to "give me sex" and leave.
A similar thing happened with someone I knew through a friend. She was freshly single (3 months after her breakup) and said she wanted to just fool around and see where it leads. On our third date, I invited her back to my place and we had sex. I decided to stop initiating conversations first and suggesting dates all the time and I realized that she will never make the first step. So a week later at my friend's house, I told her privately that we need to stop since we are not a good match but at least I made a wonderful friend, to which she agrees. Weeks later, I was talking with this common friend about random stuff and she mentioned that the other girl I was seeing thinks I'm an asshole because "all I needed from here was sex".
It got to the point where
I saw the same behavior MANY times on reddit too. Yes, some people are only interested in sex and will trick you into thinking you are in a serious relationship. But please. stop saying that someone "used you for sex" whenever things don't work out. It's just so horrible to accuse someone like that.
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2022.01.25 16:39 NamelessBloodedge Nice view?

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2022.01.25 16:39 Boing_gaming Dirt 5 Review! Awesome Multiplayer!

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2022.01.25 16:39 blaspheminCapn Scientists have created edible, ultrastrong, biodegradable, and microplastic‐free straws from bacterial cellulose.

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2022.01.25 16:39 saavi_gurl Brightwin 💜️ Happiness 💜️

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2022.01.25 16:39 xoce3113 Beauty

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2022.01.25 16:39 Bonus1Fact [News Shorts] COVID-19 Surge Spurs Waste Collection Woes ¦ Newsy on Rumble

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2022.01.25 16:39 jhnguyen93 Kia EV6 U.S. Pricing and Features
(Posting this here if anyone’s debating between the Ioniq 5 and the EV6 like me)
Kia just dropped pricing and features for the EV6 in the U.S. Looks like it’ll be a bit more expensive than the Ioniq 5.
The EV6 should be available in dealers in a few weeks.
At first glance, I was leaning towards the EV6 because of the V2L and Ventilated seats at a lower price, but upon closer inspection, you do lose some valuable features compared to the Ioniq 5. That makes this decision a lot harder.
Trim levels include Light (Standard range only), Wind (Long range, RWD/AWD), GT-Line (Long range, RWD/AWD), First Edition (Long Range AWD). It looks like the Light = SE, Wind = SEL, GT-Line = Limited. There’s no equivalent to the SE Long Range, as the Light only comes as a Standard range.
Comparing the Wind trim to the SEL, the Wind is $1100 more but gains the following features:
V2L (inside and outside) Ventilated front seats (w/ driver’s seat memory) Power passenger seat (w/ chauffeur switch?) Meridian audio system USB-C ports Adjustable rear headrests (instead of fixed)
However, the EV6 Wind loses the following compared to the Ioniq 5 SEL:
HDA 2 Driver’s seat back pocket (passenger side only) Auto open door handles Smart Cruise Control (w/ Machine Learning) Auto-dimming rear view mirror (w/ HomeLink) Power front passenger auto up/down window Dynamic voice recognition Heated steering wheel
There is a Wind Technology package available that adds some of that stuff back, but only on the AWD.
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2022.01.25 16:39 ExploringAmericana Sunset at a Vista on CA-1 just past Elk, California. [6000x4000][OC]

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2022.01.25 16:39 SNOTFLAN Looking for trans friends to play games with

Hi! I'm 26, NB (they/them) and I have found myself feeling very lonely when it comes to gaming lately. I find the few people I run into that I want to befriend aren't very accepting of me. I'm looking mostly to find a buddy for Hunt: Showdown or to join an existing duo, but I also like 7 Days to Die, GTFO, Risk of Rain 2, and I'm always down to try a new game. I'm a quick learner and have decent aim. Feel free to DM me! Sorry mods if this is a bad post
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2022.01.25 16:39 Cloud9sonnyboi Screw it [28]

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2022.01.25 16:39 Flashdancer405 Written Questionnaire for Employer After Phone Call?

Is it normal for an employer to receive a written questionnaire asking them the same series of questions about a subject as they were asked during a phone call with an investigator?
This is for a secret clearance for a DoD contractor background investigation. I thought it was just the phone call and they were done, which is also strange cause the investigator told me two weeks ago she would send my case off for adjudication as soon as she is done with the employer call. Would the written questionnaire be from the adjudicator then meaning my case has moved on? Or is this still from the investigator?
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2022.01.25 16:39 ZebraSun73 Billboard interview about substack and new record: "nothing pop about it"

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2022.01.25 16:39 SATANS_ASSHOLE_ Can't find jobs I'm qualified for in my area and I don't know what to do at this point. Depressed and aimless as a result. Does anyone have any advice on where I should go from here?

I graduated college a few years ago. After a year of nonstop rejections, I finally found a job. The starting rate was $13 an hour, because I had a degree (admittedly, I am in a very low cost of living area, but still...). Yes, one year of applying for jobs and the only thing I was able to get was this job, making only slightly more than what I started.
I am so mentally and emotionally exhausted of rejections, contradicting advice towards resume tailoring, cover letters, interviewing, etc., that I oftentimes wish I would wake up dead honestly. I am 26 years old, I still live with my parents, no girlfriend/never had one to begin with (dating is non-existent, obviously because I live at home), work a low-paying, low-skilled office job (I'm not sure if this is even helping my resume at this point, to be honest) and hopelessly depressed as a result. I have a fully upgraded LinkedIn, but it gets no attention from recruiters and it's drier than a bone.
My job entails proofreading and documenting at a small sized firm. That's basically all I do, occasionally calling clients to assist with the documentation. I do work with some software and programs, but the ones I do work with are so niche - I'm almost positive not a single employer has ever heard of them.
Now? I am back on my job hunt...well, have been for quite some time, and I cannot find any work in my area. The majority of these jobs are temp jobs, warehouse, retail, occasionally an attractive job pops up but it is inevitably swarmed like a pack of hungry wolves. Honestly, I don't even know what types of jobs I would qualify for. I have been looking at analyst positions, but they seem way above my skillset. That's literally the only thing I can think of. That, and perhaps client relations, but I'm an introvert and I'd rather not be placed in a customer-facing role.
People say to keep applying - well I have now for months and despite my area (approx. 150,000 people), I feel like I have dried up every opportunity. I have considered relocation, but how do I even do that when employers won't consider out of state/town applicants? What do I even do at this point? Just continue to apply? Go to a temp agency? Become a stripper?
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2022.01.25 16:39 janabAiseKaise 17k rent k liye toh Dombivali jana padega

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2022.01.25 16:39 aarkieboy Arkansas ranks as one of worst states to retire in 2022

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2022.01.25 16:39 blackwedgieboys Let's Talk About Wedgies | The Mystery Underwear Bag

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2022.01.25 16:39 Common_Coyote_3 Who is the most famous person you have ever met?

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2022.01.25 16:39 DankSideBrah TOASTED MARSHMALLOW MOCHA From Standing Passengers ☕️

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2022.01.25 16:39 charlie_clifton Absolutely obsessed with this fit right now 😩

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2022.01.25 16:39 Zealousideal-Travel5 I'm lonely and don't know if I should transfer

i currently am in my second semester at college, and frankly im somewhat depressed i hate my school somewhat the food is miserable 3/4 of the time so i just eat nothing or make ham sadwiches in my dorm and my roommate which is a old friend of mine is quite weird and edates so its kind of uncomfortable being in the room with him despite gaming being my favorite hobby ive met some people but they dont get along well with me the only thing that really makes me happy is when i do have quiet time which is rare as he never leaves the room as well as when i can see my girlfriend who is great company my degree interests me and is nice but i can get a somewhat similar degree at a college that is closer to home as well as having nicer dorms food and my best friend goes there so i could room with him.
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2022.01.25 16:39 MrCookieeeeee Why has Celeste started to stutter for me?

I've been playing celeste for a while (all the way up until 7C) without issue, but suddenly the game has started freezing at random. Everything is working perfectly when it isn't freezing, but it has become impossible for me to play the game now. The only possible solution I have heard is that changing the beta on steam to opengl should help on windows, which I am using, but when I updated it to that the game just won't start properly. Does anyone have a solution to this?
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2022.01.25 16:39 ellensegan MiBand 6 vibrating during a Viber call

I purchased a MiBand 6 today and set it up, and I've run into the issue where if I'm on a Viber call, the band will stay vibrating thriughout the duration of the call. I've reset the app and created a new account with blank settings, and watched closely while setting it up a 2nd time, but I can't find what I did that's causing the vibration.
Has anyone run into this issue or has any clue how to fix it?
The phone I have it connected to is an S10+
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2022.01.25 16:39 VonJaeger Looking at Saints cap situation + new HC + QB uncertainty, I'd be calling trying to enquire about their star vet players. That could be a rebuild situation and they have some stud vets.

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2022.01.25 16:39 Dathyale [USA-NY] [H] Budget Gaming PC [W] Local Cash

Hey everyone! I am reposting this listing (, for the second time, but I am lowering the price from $550 to $500 since it is local. I will also repeat all information below.
I have upgraded my PC about a year ago and my old one has been collecting dust since. I have recently decided to buy storage for it and list it on here since it might be useful to someone else rather than sitting in a corner doing nothing. I am asking for $500. I also can't drive too far so I would prefer to meet up around the 11357 area. It is a BLANK DRIVE, so no OS installed. Below is the IMGUR album with all the photos and listed parts.
CPU: Intel i5-7500, 3.40 GHz
Memory: 16 GB (2 x 8 GB) Team Elite Plus, 288-Pin DDR4 2400
Storage: 500 GB NvMe M.2 Solid State Drive, Crucial (Blank Drive)
Motherboard: B250M Gaming Pro (MS-7A65)
Case: Fractal Design Meshify S2, Tempered Glass, White
Fans: Three 140 mm case fans (1000 RPM Fractal Fans that came with Case)
PSU: Corsair CX-M Series CX650M 650W 80 PLUS Bronze
GPU: Asus Strix - RX 480 8 GB OC Edition (Never Overclocked)
Please let me know if you have any questions. Thanks!
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