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Help! Unable to reset my password as I never recieve a password reset email from Mojang! [Java]

2022.01.25 17:29 steve1189 Help! Unable to reset my password as I never recieve a password reset email from Mojang! [Java]

Hi all!
Had this issue for 3 days now. Submitted a request on the website too but heard nothing back. Somehow my passwords changed and every time I enter my email to reset my password I never recieve the email!! Checked all folders i.e spam...
Anyone else had/having this issue of not recieving password reset emails?
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2022.01.25 17:29 dirrtyremixes Franck Roger - Hold Me Down EP [RTR099]

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2022.01.25 17:29 cptnprice420 Cod clip...

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2022.01.25 17:29 okimaybestupid BASED Black Man Has EPIC Message For Protestors

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2022.01.25 17:29 LadyLothston God was not entertained

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2022.01.25 17:29 Nextayy been stuck here for 10 minutes

been stuck here for 10 minutes This is so annoyting. Opponent didn't make a move for 10 good minutes and this is still going. What to do? Fix this
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2022.01.25 17:29 IrithyllianAshenOne 🇨🇦🦍Canada Apes Guide On How to Properly Do Charity DD for Post-MOASS Part 1? 🦍🇨🇦

🇨🇦🦍Canada Apes Guide On How to Properly Do Charity DD for Post-MOASS Part 1? 🦍🇨🇦 Disclaimer: I am not a tax expert or a lawyer so before giving anything consult with those.
TL;DR: You can check charities’ information with the CRA, the results may shock you 🤯
Since becoming zen about my investment I have put a great deal of thought into what to do with the money afterwords. I will have more than I could have dreamed of so I plan to work to make my bank account go down from the predictably absurd amount of 0’s to modest levels via charity and gifts. I have spent the last 7 months creating a method to research charities (Charity DD) to make sure I don’t make a $100,000-$1,000,000s mistake by giving to an ineffective or corrupt charity. In this maybe multipart series of posts I want to share the method I developed with you so you can follow it step by step.
Also this focuses on Canadian based charities only. From my limited research giving large amounts to US based charities can create tax problems for you and them though I haven't spoken to experts yet so who knows.
Preface 1: Consider your passions and local/regional needs first Everyone has unique experiences that lend themselves to different groups or activities. Canada is a pretty big place as well as very diverse. This is just my suggestion but focus on charities and causes you are familiar and/or passionate about. This will help prevent you from potentially being ripped off or milked for money by an unscrupulous organization.
I also believe that if you have lived in your region (Maritimes, Prairies, Central, etc) for long enough your probably are better off focusing on local and regional charities instead of giving to large national or multinational groups. In general the large groups have many corporate sponsors, large government donations and have a massive income (As shown below). So giving $100K to a small org will likely be more impactful to those in need than $100K to a massive charity where it isn’t even a drop in their ocean of funding.
Preface 2: Consider what vehicle you will give money through Giving large amounts of money in your name I feel is risky. If you are doing so frequently there is a high chance that the word will slip that you have big bucks. Especially with large regional and national charities there is a lot of movement between orgs and many high ranking people are well acquainted with each other.
Personally, I am opening some sort of company (need to consult legal post-moass) that I am going to use to do charity DD and act as an intermediary for myself and those close to me to give away our money without revealing our identity. This is something to consider but I do not recommend opening a charity or foundation yourself to give out money (see why below)
Preface 3: Types of Charities In Canada all charities are registered with the government. This includes a wide range of organizations like churches/synagogues/mosques, political groups, homeless shelters, medical relief, etc but the important thing is that they are all registered and all their financials, directors, salaries, location and many other details are public record. This is why I suggest against using these yourself to give away money, you’ll see later just how much info is public.
There are three types of registered charities in Canada which are actually quite similar (CRA Link) but in short they are:
  1. Charitable organization: The most common structure, what you expect it to be
  2. Public Foundation: Generally gives 50% of their donation money to other charities and collects its funding from a wide variety of donors.
  3. Private Foundation: Like a public foundation but 50%+ of the funding comes from a few individuals like directors, trustees etc, instead of a wide array of donors.
Step 1: Make a spreadsheet/document listing the charities/individuals/groups you want to give to This may seem obvious but by writing it out your thoughts become more concrete and less abstract. I found that my initial list was shorter than it seemed in my head. I made my spreadsheet with 3 columns: The name, the planned dollar amount to give and a link to their most recent T3010 (see below).
Step 2: Check the Charity is real and registered As stated above all charities are registered and you can check that status at any time. All of this info is through the CRA so you are going to get a crash course in how to use their tool to check it yourself. For this post my example will be the Canadian Red Cross (CRC) since it is probably the most well known charity.
Go to this link to access the CRA search. I recommend bookmarking it as you’ll be using it a lot. In the Basic Search put the name of the charity and make sure the Charity status option is set to Registered. Then click search. You’ll then see a list of charities which match what you put in or are close in name. Many names are more common than you think so usually it will return multiple results. See the gif below.
How to use the CRA search (Red Cross Example)
If the charity is there that means it is registered legitimately with the CRA as a charity. If it is not there it is either: a) not a real charity, b) they had their status revoked or annulled or c) it uses a different name. I have encountered 2 on my list so far which changed their public facing name but their CRA fillings continue to be under the old name just as an fyi.
Step 3: Check the Charities Quick View Page If you click link in the charity name column of the organization it will bring you to their most recent Form T3010 (Charity records) in a quick view format. For this part I will explain what to look for in the quick view format since it has the most important info. You can view the entire return if you want to but I won’t cover how that works in this post.
If you follow the red cross example you should now be at this page here. Open this post in window beside that link so you can see both this post and the Canadian Red Cross T3010 side by side. Since this page is too long to screen shot everything 😔
First you will see their basic info like registration no., status, effective (founding) date, Designation (charity type) and a link to their website (Often but not always there). If you are going to give digitally this is how you can confirm their website to not get scammed.
Next you will see Reporting period views. It defaults to the most recent (2021 now) form but you can go back a few years or see the full view (entire T3010 as they submitted it). For now we will ignore that.
Next is all the actual info you need to pay attention to. First, you will see ongoing and new programs listed. The charity is required to put what they actually do here so it is a good way to check the services they actually deliver. You’ll see with the CRC it is quite detailed, but most I’ve found are not so long or thorough.
Next they have to list operations outside of Canada. Usually there is zero if it is a charity focused on local issues but in this case there are 69 (nice) listed by the CRC
Next is the most important section Revenue and Expenses.
The Revenue pie shows a list of the following:
  • Receipted Donation: One where you get a tax receipt for
  • Non-receipted donations: What is sounds like
  • Gifts from other charities: Usually Public or Private foundations
  • Government Funding: Not always there but this is more common with the largest charities
  • All other revenue: This could be anything from merch revenue to rental income
  • Total revenue: Total of all above.
This info is a good way to see where their funding comes from. In general a yellow flag should be raised when their funding comes mostly ~70%+ from other charities since it could indicate a problem. In this case you can see our government provides 69% ($391,000,000+) of the CRC’s funding. This is a case in which personally I would stop my research and decide not to give any money, since my MOASS taxes almost certainly will be a part of that 69% of government funding.
The Expenses pie is the single most important part to look over. It shows the where and percentage of funds which go to different categories they are
  • Charitable Programs: Used for the programs they detailed above in the ongoing and new programs section
  • Management and administration: The amount spent on administration tasks. The lower this % the more money goes to the actual cause. Any charity with a cost higher than 10% is a yellow flag and more than 15% is a big red flag as that is a common industry maximum admin%.
  • Fundraising: Amount used to raise funds, includes stuff like advertising, promotional materials, etc.
  • Political activities: Most of the time this is $0.00 but important to consider if it is there
  • Gifts to other charities: What is sounds like. This number should not be that far from 0-5% before it should raise a yellow flag.
  • Total expenses: Total of all above.
The most important thing with expenses it to make sure the ratio of spending on charitable programs to admin is acceptable. As stated earlier anything more than 15% for admin should be a huge red flag. Most reputable Charities I have researched are in the 5-10% range. You also need to make sure that charitable programs spending is large. It should be the largest % wise and normally I’ve seen it over 70% at least. You’ll see for the CRC that their Charitable programs are 88% of expenses while admin is only 2.5%. This is an extremely good ratio which is to be expected of such a large organization.
The next section is Compensation which details the number of employees split by full and part time. Those numbers are interesting but not usually too important except in the case of an extremely small charity. The professional and consulting fees are good to glance at. If they are as much or higher than total compensation for all positions that could indicate shady behaviour or accounting, but not always.
The compensated full time positions is extremely important to look at as this is where you can quickly catch a charity which is being used to enrich its leadership. By law they have to give the salary ranges for the top 10 highest paid individuals. You can see in this case that the top ten start in the $160,000K range with 1 person making over $350,000 at the high end.
In extremely large organizations like the CRC this is actually quite reasonable to retain talent to run such a big charity. In a smaller charity with revenue of less than $10,000,000 (most of them) the top salaries are extremely important to look through. If their salaries are large % of revenue or in the six figures while bringing in less than $10,000,000 that is generally a red flag. Of the charities on my list the top salary I saw was $150K for a deca-millions regional charity.
This is something you’ll have to look at and consider to make sure your money is not going to enrich some scummy person using charity to get wealthy. It seems to be very rare but you wouldn’t be in GME if you just took things the things media and organizations said at face value, so good on you 😀
Final thoughts This search is the most basic form of DD you should be doing to verify where your money is going. Thankfully it is pretty simple and the CRA gives a surprisingly helpful quick view page. This isn't the end all be all of doing DD on a charity but it is a great way to start. I may do a part two if there are enough questions but this will be good enough for most people. This depth of DD is all I plan on doing if my donation is less than $100,000K and less than 1% of the charities annual revenue.
While we are locked in our homes because of frigid cold and snowy winter this makes it the perfect time to try this out yourself 😉😉
Remember to DRS 🟣🟣🟣
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2022.01.25 17:29 Dorrkin Thoughts?

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2022.01.25 17:29 BillyBabushka $5 for just this crappy helmet??? You can't be serious 343 I want everything to be free. Also I heard you're adding free credits to the next battle pass but am going to completely ignore this information in order to have something to be mad about. Why can't we go back to the good old days...

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2022.01.25 17:29 darkvador69 Red eyeshadow :))

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2022.01.25 17:29 frank__costello Arbitrum just launched an update, lowering fees even further. Fees will drop even lower after their "Nitro" upgrade in the future

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2022.01.25 17:29 AutoNewspaperAdmin [Op-Ed] - Macron plans diplomatic phone call with Putin to calm Ukrainian crisis | Irish Times

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2022.01.25 17:29 largish-duck0 This is to the people who spend money on awards: Could you stop spending money here and go donate to Wikipedia or something

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2022.01.25 17:29 lawyer4mage_rights Outside lawyers respect PD, thanks but no thanks

I'm at the point in my case load where if someone "threatens" to go pay a lawyer for their case, I'm wishing them the best giving them other business cards. I have too many cases and too much travel time to think about "defending" my reputation.
Fortunately but unfortunately, one of the only local criminal defense attorney's that people go to has started saying "Sure, you can pay me, but I'm not sure why you'd want to. OP is a great lawyer and you wouldn't have to pay for them." I've had two clients come back saying how much this other guy was singing my praises. Thank you for the vote of confidence but TAKE THE DAMN CLIENT! I'M BUSY!
I'm prepping for trial right now and pulling my hair out. Anyone have any other fun PD stories?
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2022.01.25 17:29 Alice_margareta Saw Bryan at ETID’s last show last year 😔 Sucks they’ll never play together again.

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2022.01.25 17:29 Fr33mars Gamerverse Spider-Man.

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2022.01.25 17:29 ExerciseGuilty Should I go into debt to leave my boyfriend?

For context, I recently moved to a different state to be with my boyfriend of a year. I spent all of my savings, went into a little bit of credit card debt, and also left a good paying job (I wasn't happy, horrible environment) to be here. He spent months, however, rushing me into the move, so I inevitably moved before I was ready under the guise that he would make sure to catch me if I fall. I was really hesitant to trust that, and now I know I shouldn't have.
Since I've been here (Nov 1st), I've noticed he is addicted to video games and porn, and is extremely disgusting. I'm convinced he doesn't wipe properly, he barely showers, and the entire time I've been here he has not had a toothbrush. I sat him down and asked him point blank if he is using my tooth brush or just not brushing, and thankfully (?), it was the latter. He leaves skid marks on our wash cloths and in his clothing. He gets angry with me every time I mention that this is disgusting and unfair to me, especially being expected to wash his clothes or use the same washcloths to wash my face with. He also barely cleans up after himself but demands a gold star when he does - often remarking any time I slack. For example, I currently have covid and he was an extreme asshole to me the other day about cleaning up my dog's puppy pad. I can't smell and was bedridden the majority of the day, but he felt the need to complain to me about how I never clean up after my dog. The next day, his dog pissed and shit in the house and I left it there all day for him to clean up, to prove a point.
We have had tiffs over locking the door, losing his house key, doing the dishes, you name it. And for what reason? He refuses to take any responsibility or accountability for any of his mistakes or wrongdoings. He is never wrong and he doesn't apologize - EVER.
Fast forward to just before Christmas - I find a dating app, called Tune Up or something like that, on his phone. He makes excuses and I let him know this is unacceptable. "Oh, I was just doing it to take the quizzes, it's fun!", "I didn't actually do anything, so it's not cheating", "I was only on it for a few weeks when I downloaded it", etc. I see through this. In his bio on the app, his profile picture was one of him with a mandala drawn on the shoulder, and he stated in his bio that his "friend drew it on him". I asked him why he would say that if he were there to take quizzes - why are you trying to appear single to random men and women on the internet (he is bisexual / demisexual)? He couldn't grasp the concept, got very defensive, and never apologized. In fact, when I told him I should leave him, he told me to go ahead. He never fights for me and has always left the door open to leave. I am going to - but I'm not finished with my story and I need to get it all out, just bear with me.
On Christmas break, his dad gave us $1,500 for rent because finding a job was tough for me after my move. I didn't ask for this and technically had no say in him accepting the money. Remember, he convinced me he would take care of things and make sure he had enough money for the rent each month. He lied. He and his family have talked badly about me behind my back, essentially calling me a piece of shit because I didn't have a job and couldn't help with living expenses.
After this, we head to my hometown to see my family. We hang out with my dad and one of his friends, and he makes a comment about how my pubic hair feels like the rough texture of the wall IN FRONT OF MY BROTHER. I made us leave, of course, and he didn't like that. He told me I ruined his Christmas over this, especially because he had to spend it with my family. He said that we should've spent it with his family, since they had something to give us (poking at how poor my family is). We left and saw his mom right after, and he was angry AT ME, because I said I was disappointed to meet his best friend, who I've heard so much about, but she doesn't even know my name or how long we've been together. WE LIVE TOGETHER, WTF?
After this, we get home. I've come to find that he has been watching almost strictly feminization porn, which is fine, but makes me feel insecure as I can not give him the same things a trans woman can, and makes me wonder if I am a coverup for him. He has always flaunted to me how I am not his type (big titty goth girl) and it's always made me feel pressured to be someone I'm not and I've let him know how it hurts my feelings to hear all of the comments he makes about other women, how he stares at them in public when we're together, how he likes and follows them on social media. As I mentioned before, he is bisexual, and I am okay with that, but what I am not okay with is that he was using Grindr the month before I moved in, AFTER SIGNING THE LEASE. He was also on tinder and OKcupid. Upon my investigation, he was actually using the Tune Up app up until the day I moved in.
I'm honestly extremely heartbroken. Not only that he could do this to me, that he doesn't respect me, that he doesn't see my worth, but that I've allowed it. I'm angry that I could possibly allow this disgusting loser to infiltrate and control my life and now I feel like I can't leave because I can't afford it. I also don't want to stick around because that makes me feel like I'm using him, and in retrospect, I'm not okay with being on his level but he deserves it.
I don't have family with money and I can't afford to leave on my own right now. I have decent credit and a couple thousand dollars on my credit card. I'm thinking maybe I should just go ahead and bite the bullet and move home ($500+ on credit card) or should I keep quiet, stay for a while and pretend like things are fine, then leave when I can financially handle it? I'm having a hard time not confronting him about all of this because as I've said, he doesn't give a fuck about me or my feelings, so why would he NOW, when I'm ready to leave. I've given him ample opportunity to tell me the truth and he just keeps lying with no regard to how I'm feeling. I have Covid right now, so I can't just pack my shit and go, and I don't know what to do. I feel incredibly bad for snooping, but I've had a gut feeling for months now, and I confirm I was right.
Please give me some advice.
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2022.01.25 17:29 fuckfacedbrainsilly I was too slow with toy. But still cute tho. ❤️

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2022.01.25 17:29 KryptKrasherHS Is Quest Hunter Dead?

I have a feeling it is. Rapid Fire used to be pretty good in it, and losing major fuel really hurts the deck. What do yall think?
View Poll
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2022.01.25 17:29 AutoNewspaperAdmin [Op-Ed] - The Irish Times view on inflation: more than a temporary blip | Irish Times

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2022.01.25 17:29 tj-spooks You’re in a room full of people. What is something you could say that would make the whole room go completely silent and turn to stare at you?

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2022.01.25 17:29 supergluu Little help with survival on editing file.

Couple of issues. One is we aren't getting any ambushes/raids on our farm. No matter how big we make it, nothing.
Also is there a way to increase the number of bot spawns across the map?
We did edit the loot file to give slightly more component kits but I don't see how that would break ambushes/raids.
Any help would be great!
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2022.01.25 17:29 squirrelhut Has something happened to tanked this week?

So I’ve been a long time proponent of being positive, all games can be won, ect. Been playing WR since summer and league since s3.
But real question, what the heck lately in ranked like I either have an afk or the game is a complete wash to either victory or loss where it’s just not even FUN anymore.
What gives?
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2022.01.25 17:29 Bugatti252 just ordered the new four square Mark XVIII "Indelible"

hope it's as good as the other wine-aged versions. cheeres.
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2022.01.25 17:29 Lunchmonkey My wife did not get why I was laughing in target. This is what I made to explain it.

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