Old shirts

2021.11.28 19:49 mexicanp0rnaddict Old shirts

Why does android phones have the old shirts in the pick team screen on fpl?
Anyone know?
Or can you customize it that way?
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2021.11.28 19:49 1Corin13_ Adam and his rib

Why did God put Adam to sleep to make Eve? I have been wondering for a while. Would absolutely love to hear people’s explanation!
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2021.11.28 19:49 bluetoothsmurf I accidentally reformatted a drive a few months ago, it's been out of use. Now that I have an SSD in working order, I would like to recover from the reformatted HDD. Please advise a noob.

Hey y'all.
So a few months ago, I...sorta accidentally formatted my WD Blue 1TB hard drive. I'll spare the details as to how one does that accidentally....
ANYWAY. I now have a 2TB Micron drive that, after some hiccups (a lot of /sfc scannow-ing and chkdsk /f-ing) it's been healthy, as far as I can tell. The old WD Blue drive is still healthy, and can be seen here (disk 1).
I tried reinstalling Windows 10 on it before I got the Micron drive, hence, the two partitions, where drive E does have some data written to it, Drive F is now completely "empty". My point is that I haven't completely overwritten the data and as far as I can tell, the drive is still healthy. So is cloning the drive to my SSD a necessity here?
I'm about to do a scan with Puran Utilities (which I had done before, but getting the files in any sort of order is a pain, and I closed the program once and couldn't recover the list of recovered files), but per the flowchart on the sidebar R-Studio is probably the way to go? Is this a free program?
I can clarify any information if need be, I'm kinda in the dark here and just not sure what the best point of action is (other than to NOT write any more to the drive that I want to recover lol).
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2021.11.28 19:49 JoneSz97 Popped into 1.18 Snapshot yesterday, I enjoy my little place for once!

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2021.11.28 19:49 drtoucan Question about US expansion with German game...

Hey there. Got a question about mixing a US copy of the 5-6 player expansion with my German copy of the og game. I know the cards are bigger than my German copy and the ports aren't compatible either, but I was more concerned about the hexagons tiles for the map. Are they the same size between german and US? I imagine they are. Asking because I grabbed the expansion on a black Friday sale and want to know if I can use the tiles before opening it. Thanks!
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2021.11.28 19:49 redxstrike FC6 - Did you finish each territory story missions before moving on?

So far I'm 2 down 1 to go as far as main territories go in FC6. Story wise - it feels like you should complete 1 before moving on to better follow the specific plotlines. However, challenge wise, they seem set up to jump around. I think I'm Rank 11 and starting on the last territory which starts at level 6 or 7 (with the rank up while finishing the others). I think they should rank up the areas more since the challenge is so miniscule, and feels especially so when starting a new territory.
I'm assuming most finish the story of an area before moving to the next?
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2021.11.28 19:49 albertlinares_15 🤞🤞Doug Satzman on Twitter🤞🤞

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2021.11.28 19:49 pnkin Has anyone tried making milk tea from home?

My favorite rn is using Japanese green tea with honey and honey almond breeze milk.
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2021.11.28 19:49 cheesesticksrat Tfx Altın Ne Zaman açılıyor

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2021.11.28 19:49 failedlogic Just wanted to say thanks to those in this great community!

I made a post last night asking for advice on my Javazon. You guys came through in a big way! Running the usual unique monsters with wealth on Armour was frankly game changing.
The dex it rolled with allowed me to wear goldwrap without losing Titans. This put me at 150mf and 600 gold find. I dropped a gore rider which packs a killer jab against LI.
Gonna face the ancients soon and make them pay
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2021.11.28 19:49 XxViolavV What colors on the Pix can you get and how?

Ive been trying almost everything and I keep getting red and only 1 blue lol
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2021.11.28 19:49 ProfessionalBreak565 Left school 3 yrs ago

Starting from grade 2 walking down the hallway was already terrifying. It was like hearing everyone’s thoughts or being judged for the way I walked or looked. So I started skipping days and weeks at a time.
High school was when I didn’t go at all I’d stay in the bathroom or walk home. Later on it got even worse. Not being able to walk on a street without feeling like I’m going to lose my balance or throw up.
After years of ignoring treatment I finally started Prozac. I’m still not able to make eye contact or not feel like I’m going to pass out in a store.
At this point I’m lost. I need a job. I need education and I need a social life.
I’ve tried pushing through my limits but physically my body won’t let me do it.
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2021.11.28 19:49 nellprunt Daisy selling for 91 bells no fee but tips appreciated in NMT or Bells. Dm or comment

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2021.11.28 19:49 FluffFire [WTS] Zastava poly BHO 7.62x39 mags + ak boresnake (PA)

Hi again,
Today for sale:

Ten (10) Eight (8) Zastava BHO Poly 7.62x39 mags - $140 $114 $105 https://imgur.com/a/ieMwP1B
These mags were too tight in my AK for my liking. I did attempt to sand one mag (middle one) to gain some clearance. This worked, but I didn't want to sand down the other 9. All 10 are fully functional. I'll throw in a .308 boresnake with the mags for no additional charge (works on ak bores). https://imgur.com/a/xqjzU9l

If these don't sell at this price I'll probably just keep them and sand the rest.

Paypal FF preferred. Price is shipped. Please comment then PM me.

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2021.11.28 19:49 Nice_Wait782 Ex SIL wants info about my ExH

ExH attempted suicide in mid September police got involved and he was arrested for DUI. He was living with his sister and brother in essentially a flop house. I knew it was bad but I didn’t know how bad it had gotten. I offered to help all three of them try to make some changes to make the house livable for everyone. My offer of help was aggressively declined and I cut contact with the sister and brother. Apart from a voice message telling him to “get his shit” he says he has been no contact with his sister or brother since mid September.
He lived with me for about 30 days while he got an apartment of his own and moved in and started getting some mental health help that he desperately needed. During this time he was advised by therapist to cut contact with his brother due to abuse. He changed all his emergency contact info back to me.
A bunch of other stuff happened, including one more suicide attempt.
His sister contacted me today asking when he would be out jail. The only not reason I can think that she’d be looking to contact him now is because she wants money. It’s been months without a peep.
Do I: 1 - Tell her to fuck off and get another crackhead boyfriend if she needs money. 2 - Tell her to fuck off but nicely. 3 - Ignore her completely 4- Tell her I’ll let him know she was asking about him when he gets out.
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2021.11.28 19:49 Infamous-Ad-9451 Necromancer Taxidermist

A friend of mine deicded to run a 1st Edition Pathfinder campaign and I wanted to run a taxidermist necromancer. I need help with planning out the build and the ruling on animating taxidermied animals.
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2021.11.28 19:49 beastcoastmac most romantic line

i saw a tweet on my timeline on twitter asking "what is the most romantic line from a ship of all time" and couldnt help but think of wangxian. so, what do you think is the most romantic line (or scene if you cannot think of a specific line) from the series? for me its definitely the if i fall... part where wwx purposely falls off the tree and lwj catches him.
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2021.11.28 19:49 Eanator For anyone who has heard my tale of loss: I finally have reclaimed my SECOND runecrafting pet.

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2021.11.28 19:49 LNLMusic The Toughest Game of Mario Party I've Ever Played

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2021.11.28 19:49 halfinthebang Satellite dish delete + $45 Amazon antenna + hose clamps = 10+ HNT month

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2021.11.28 19:49 Primary_Ad2048 Issues with Ranked & Crashing.

Looking past feelings of the battle pass, progression, events, cores, the store and microtransactions; Halo Infinite is a solid game not looking at cosmetics. However that doesn't mean there are not things that don't need to be ironed out.
The gameplay is fantastic and very well put together you can see the time they took to perfect this game; honestly it's one of the best games i've played ever to be frank. This is coming from an OG Halo CE player btw. But... The randomly crashing? Come on it's an issue that needs to be fixed ASAP; because I know it's not my PC as my specs are well above what's recommended. So why am I still crashing? Conflicting programs? No, only steam is open in the background. I wouldn't be complaining about this if there wasn't a ban timer. Ironic as the ban timer is actually helpful in most situations to people that leave and give you an AI bot teammate that just feeds. If I play 10 matches and crash within 4 of them BEFORE I EVEN LOAD into the intro scene; how is it justified to temporarily ban me? On-top of that if I get banned again the NEXT day or however long the cooldown is it actually makes the cooldown longer; going from 1st Offense=5 minutes to 2nd Offense=15 minutes all the way up to 16 hours... Come on, do better this is a situation affecting more than just me; a large chunk of players experience these issues. I've troubleshot and fixed everything I could possibly on my end yet I still get punished when I'm actually just trying to play the game?
Ranked; it's a solid game mode however the most telling thing I'm able to say is. Out of my 10 placement matches; 7 of them was a 3v4. This wasn't that big of an issue to me because I can still play alright but what about when I actually play ranked; which I've yet to do because my game seemingly likes to crash without warning and I don't want to abandon my team. If you're playing ranked; There should NOT be an option to leave as well as, if you crash you should have the option to rejoin the ongoing match.
Why are these simple things not thought of? - A fast solution for the the game crashing; have the game identify if you've crashed or actually selected the leave option; and punish the ones abusing leaving through the actual game. - Establish a rejoin previous match or ranked match option.
These two things; can be fixed on release date or soon following it; but it's another issue on-top of their pile of issues that needs to be fixed. But where on that list does it fall? Hopefully the top seeming as THIS CAN BE IMPLIMENTED FAIRLY EASILY; So fix it.
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2021.11.28 19:49 ReddestPandas Averaging 58 mpg in the wife's new Camry Hybrid LE. Almost 62 mpg like my Corolla.

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2021.11.28 19:49 Rdog523 Registeel. 9969 3676 9820. Trying to find names since I have over 100 friend requests

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2021.11.28 19:49 BijinRising My happy floofy 'too on a typical Saturday night

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2021.11.28 19:49 almost_accomplished How are people finding locations to invest out of state?

Hey all, i'm looking into investing out of state. I just finished Long-Distance Real Estate Investing by David Green, but would like to see what people on this sub do for this part.
Is there a good resource that compares and contrasts places against each other for population growth, unemployment, appreciation, crime, etc?
Any data driven tools for this that you've found helpful would be appreciated, thanks
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