The epiphany I hope has has.

2021.10.24 06:45 StockCounter4328 The epiphany I hope has has.

As a result of this tragedy, I imagine he is going to have less patience for her BS as he realizes how precious life is. At least I hope he has this epiphany. Her keeping up with her fake Spanish grift and daily selfies and “Hair by Jarrod” are going to wear real thin, real fast.
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2021.10.24 06:45 LongGame789 The interesting needle nose fighters of the Sugueziume galaxy (#032): Red and bare metal, with light grey details. Vulture wings, dorsal fin, and single thruster.

The interesting needle nose fighters of the Sugueziume galaxy (#032): Red and bare metal, with light grey details. Vulture wings, dorsal fin, and single thruster. submitted by LongGame789 to NMSCoordinateExchange [link] [comments]

2021.10.24 06:45 Vollkotzbrocken Steve's so proud

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2021.10.24 06:45 Naetsu Most wholesome shit I've seen today

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2021.10.24 06:45 Dry_Data_9676 Hot summer with umaru chan

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2021.10.24 06:45 Deo18 My Account Banned and I haven't even played.

I bought the game in July while it was on sale I believe. I don't actually remember why I bought it, but I didn't play it until yesterday when I tried to launch it. I'm on PC btw. I noticed on the blizzard launcher it said "Account Banned". I don't know how that's possible if I've never played the game. I tried to appeal my ban and Activision responds with " unauthorized software and manipulation of game data ".
But how? I haven't played it and I just installed it.
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2021.10.24 06:45 WASDx Inside The World of High Speed Recumbent Racing

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2021.10.24 06:45 BOYSXDNO1 Allay poem 😂

Everyone: Allay? You mean animay Me: Dam it I missed mine con bruh Also me:
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2021.10.24 06:45 5igorsk Лукашенко предположил, что короной можно лечить рак, потому что меньше белорусов заболело им за последний год. Нет, мы не выдумываем сегодняшние новости

Лукашенко предположил, что короной можно лечить рак, потому что меньше белорусов заболело им за последний год. Нет, мы не выдумываем сегодняшние новости submitted by 5igorsk to Tay_5 [link] [comments]

2021.10.24 06:45 NaivePossibility889 Yes, its an emulator, but i didnt use the save state feature

Yes, its an emulator, but i didnt use the save state feature submitted by NaivePossibility889 to Metroid [link] [comments]

2021.10.24 06:45 Carlos_Blitz #Valkyrie after reviving both teammates..the victory

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2021.10.24 06:45 ticaret İkinci El Antika Çakmak | Sahibinden Satılık İkinci El Satışı Fiyatları ❣️

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2021.10.24 06:45 littlefairywingz Girl dressed like Alice in Wonderland. Taken in the Studio C. Regler, Kastanienallee 62. Berlin, Germany c.1910 [From a Private Colection]

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2021.10.24 06:45 Robo--FED Blacktron, M-Tron ect.

Was there ever something like a lore about theese old Spacesets? Like why do the astronauts have different colors or what exactly are the Blacktron or the M-Tron (I think there were some other -trons, but thats the only one I remember)?
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2021.10.24 06:45 arbiewebbjr I Can't Go for That (No Can Do)

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2021.10.24 06:45 Horse_Lover_69 Alpro Mild&Creamy uit assortiment bij AH

Hey! Ik zie in de app van AH dat d3 mild&creamy uit hey assortiment gaat. Weet een van jullie wat hier aan de hand is? Ik zou het heel zuur vinden als die straks niet meer te krijgen is...
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2021.10.24 06:45 Weirdoka Spider-Man, Into the Spider-Verse wallpaper (by Erik Ly) [1125x2436]

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2021.10.24 06:45 DannyDuckworth21 What is your favourite part about my town?

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2021.10.24 06:45 No_Masterpiece1984 The walking dead: World beyond 2 season 6 episode promo

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2021.10.24 06:45 Baresark Inktober 2021 Day 24 [OC]

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2021.10.24 06:45 Moon-Ghost Reading the Rest of Houseki no Kuni(?) (Spoilers)

I'm the lass from I’m Reading the Houseki no Kouni Manga (Spoilers). This is gonna be a long-ass one.
I’m scared to read the rest of the manga, but I’m also curious to know what happens.
Edit 1: I’m on volume 9 now and… I feel sad. I haven’t finished it yet, though.
Edit 2: I had to take a break on volume 8 because of hearing why the Lunarians want to die. So Phosphophyllite is now thinking of ways to get Kongo Sensei to “activate”, so he/she can give the moon assholes what they want and hopefully get them to help hehim restore the fallen gems. He/she thinks that by making him suffer, he’ll surrender and give the moon assholes what they want. Also, he/she’s guided and assisted by this Lunarian, Cicada, a big, dopey, lovable oaf… why do you want to die, Cicada? So he/she decides to persuade some of the other gems to go to the moon with her.
At first, he/she pretends that he/she’s forgotten nearly everything, but starts to persuade other gems; Rutile, telling hehim that the synthetic gems could cure Padparadsha’s coma; Diamond, as Dia wants to be in a world where he/she doesn’t have to compare hehimself to and compete against Bortz; Yellow Diamond, as Yellow just wants to see hehis old friends again and tell them she’s sorry; Amethyst 84… as 33’s scared of being separated from 84, and 84 goes, for he/she doesn’t want to force hehis twin to the moon with her… even though 33 kind of wanted to go…; Benitoite, as Benito feels too plain and boring compared to the other gems; Alexandrite, obviously, as Alex is obsessed with the moon assholes; young Goshenite, as young Goshe just wants to come, and doesn’t bother to let young Morgenite know… bonds were broken this sad night the persuaded gems left. Cairngorm also begrudgingly comes, because he/she’s Phos’ partner. However, Euclase and Jade are suspicious, because from the way Phos is talking about the moon, it sounds manipulative and pleasant, just like how Lapis Lazuli used to talk. In fact, they don’t think Phos is actually Phos anymore… and I kind of agree. While Phos is true to hehis word about what the moon is like, and he/she is doing this to get the moon assholes’ favor in restoring the others, and he/she was already suspicious of Sensei and starting to turn against him, he/she’s also talking in a very… manipulative manner too. I don’t even fully think he/she’s truly Phosphophyllite anymore, after he/she went to the moon, maybe even after he/she got Lapis’s head. It’s almost like Lapis Lazuli is taking over hehis mind. Maybe the synthetic pearl eye the moon assholes implanted in hehim has something to do with it too.
By volume 9, I’m still very sad. Phos also tries to persuade Cinnabar, but surprisingly, he/she says no, as he/she takes pity on Sensei, even though he’s made them all suffer, kept secrets from them, and cooperating with the moon assholes may be the only way to help the fallen gems. Honestly, I don’t know who’s side to take in this, especially after reading chapter 64. But the persuaded gems go to the moon, and when they arrive, they are warmly welcomed by the Lunarians… why do you guys want to die? The gems are distraught by what really happened to their fallen comrades, especially Yellow Diamond and Alexandrite, and who can blame them? But luckily, Padparadsha is awake and now cured from hehis coma, like the Lunarians said. But they still want… you know… and Phos asks them to restore their fallen friends back to life in exchange, though that will take… an awfully long time.
Meanwhile, on earth, when the rest of the gems discover some of the other gems have gone missing, knowing they’ve been taken to the moon, they search everywhere, including the ocean. Amethyst 33 is broken… literally and figuratively… poor 33… and not just hehim. Everyone else too is so distraught over this, they fall apart. But Sensei tells the truth that he’s a machine made by humans for the moon assholes, and that he’s been around much, much longer than any of the gems. Kongo already had lived away from the Lunarians’ will, but at some time, Kongo discovered Red Diamond, the first existing gem. And the flashback of them… *sniffle*… Sensei didn’t want to be a machine! He just wanted to live his own life with these gemstones, who he saw as his daughters, his sons, his children! Even though he has a lot of Buddhist beliefs, he loved the gems so much, he was attached to them, and just wanted live peacefully with his children. He’s not be the best father figure: discouraging Phos from crying over Antarcticite, keeping secrets from them which lead to the gems’ suffering, not helping them in how to deal with their trauma; instead of a happy, peaceful life, they live a distant, cold life of constant threat, but he really did mean well. And while Bortz may think Phos is arrogant, a coward, and traitor, Sensei even encourages the remaining gems to go to the moon with Phos for their own safety and not suffer the moon assholes’ wrath anymore. Honestly, why can’t all the gems just be restored, and Sensei and the gems can just live a peaceful life, without having to be the moon assholes’ tool?! DON’T GO, SENSEI!!
Haven’t finished volume 9, yet. This I have a feeling this won’t end well.
Edit 3: I’ve read chapters 65 to 70 and… *gets punched in the gut* WHAT THE FUCK?!?!! Holy crap! Things just get worse and worse and more nihilistic as the story goes! There’s so much pain in this part, that I can’t even fully suffer from it! Okay… so… after Sensei reveals the truth and tells his decision, Euclase steps up and forgives him for all he’s done, even willing to start over everything with him and help them get the moon gems to come back. He’s no longer their teacher or leader, he’s their equal, and now they start coming up with a plan.
Meanwhile, on the moon… The Prince, Aechmea, tells the gems that Sensei has a “love armor”, that there’s an energy about him that lets others love him and be loyal to him no matter what, and that the longer they stay on the moon, the more “free” they’ll become, even more free than Sensei could give them, that he’s broken, that he’s just using them to guard him, and he’s not truly alive or living… WHAT THE FUCK!!! That can’t be true! At least not wholly! Even if that’s true, I mean, Phos stopped loving him long before she left for the moon. I can’t tell if Aechmea is manipulating them or something to make them want to take the other gems and break Sensei even more so or what? And Sensei was willing to let them go to the moon, and sacrifice his own life, and he’ll go out into the battle field himself and even chip off his own peices to fight for them. Then he reveals that about the gems reduced to dust being fixed… that only the ones with a hardness of 5 and above can be restored, that the ones 4 and below… can’t be. Fluorite… Sphalerite… Phos’s head… Antarcticite. After the meeting, Cairngorm begs Aechmea to at least restore Antarc, or at least, make a synthetic layering of Antarc over hehim so he/she can pretend to be hehim for Phos’ sake. Aechmea then looks into Cairngorm’s eyes and… says that because they’re still Ghost Quartz’s eyes, that her sympathetic actions towards Phos are not her own. WHAT THE FUCK, DUDE?!!! Cairn has had her own will, even before he/she lost Ghost to you moon assholes! She was rude, violent, selfish even, but dependable, and she hated Phos for a while after the loss! She even still had selfish tendencies before going to the moon! I refuse to believe that her actions were not her own! Then Aechmea offers to remove her eyes in place of new ones to find her “freedom”. Then she breaks down under stress, and is dragged away, whether it’s a hallucination of Ghost, or her actual ghost, I’m not sure, because hallucinations can’t simply drag you away like this… thing did, only to be picked up by the prince Lunarian. The next morning, Diamond, Amethyst 84, and the rest go to the main room where they’re staying at and… Phos… she’s gone now. After hearing about the fate of Antarc. At least she’s still Phosphophyllite, then, denying my doubts. Padparadsha, being the cool guy she is, snaps Phos out of it, telling that if she breaks Sensei now, beyond repair, then the Lunairans will die, and the fallen gems will be dust forever. Phos regains her sanity, temporarily, and learns that the only other change the earth gems have done are putting on their winter outfits. She decides that only she, Padparadsha, and Yellow Diamond should come, as not to seem to threatening or make the earth gems think they’ve changed their minds. Yellow is unwilling to fight Sensei, believing that the “love armor” hasn’t worn off yet, but Padpa is willing to leave her love behind, as Phos and the Lunarians were the ones who helped recover her in the end. And then… Phos goes to see where Cairngorm is at. And… what the… I can’t tell if Cairn is her “true self” or Aechmea’s slave. I’m plenty sure she had plenty of self will of her own, but those are eyes to help Cairn be her real self or be Aechmea’s housewife, she’s even more rude, selfish, and violent then ever. Thanking Phos and then leaving her there to fight the battle on her own… Now I understand why everyone wants to break Cairn’s knee-caps. I want to break Aechmea’s knee-caps even more.
Anyway, they go to earth to persuade the other gems. They probably shouldn’t have taken their new clothes and swords with them. As when Padparadsha and Yellow arrive, they get attacked by someone. Phos arrives in the school, only to spot Tourmaline and Hemimorphite calling her names, and get captured by Bortz. Yellow and Padparadsha are attacked by Rutile of all people, even though Padpa is recovered now, but Padpa repels her easily. Yellow gets surrounded by the other gems, which Pad manages to kick all kinds of ass on them. Meanwhile, as Phos and Bortz fight, Phos tells Bortz that Sensei is just a machine, that he’s broken and not alive, but Bortz refuses to trust the Lunarians, not caring for what Phos says. Phos argues they need to change, that it’s for their own good, but Bortz said that Phos wanted to change because she was weak and useless, that she’s arrogant and a coward. Honestly, I don’t think, or like to think that Sensei is just a robot, especially considering he was willing to let the gems go to the moon and change for their own good as well. Then Cinnabar comes out and, because of Pad’s dodge, splashes everyone with her mercury, and Phos is shattered in two by her torso. Euclase then comes out and tries to persuade Phos into figuring out a way that they can move on together without leaving anyone behind. Phos tries to explain that they can’t go back, especially since those under 5 include her, but Euclase says they need her for the future. Before Phos can respond, however, the moon assholes show up and CAIRNGORM of all people silences her by breaking her head!
They collect and the other two moon gems head off. It turns out Jade and Sensei have been hiding, him wanting to explain why he won’t obey the Lunarians, or fight Phos, but he seems to be taking his time… hmm… Sadly, the plan to persuade Phos has failed, but they all rest. Sensei helps put the others back together, and replaces Bortz chipped parts with the unpoisoned remnants of her hair… her hair’s so short now! Cinnabar’s worried her mercury will hurt Padparadsha, but he’s sure that the Lunarians will take care of hehim. Sensei asks Cinnabar again if she wants to go to the moon with Phos, to be cured of her mercury, but Euclase objects that if it weren’t for Cinnabar’s poison, she wouldn’t be able to defend everyone. The atmosphere in the school seems to be oddly more close and warm now their situation has drastically changed.
Back on the moon, Cairngorm says she broke Phos’ head to make it easier to collect, no long believing that Phos, Ghost Quartz, or Lapis Lazuli were her true partners… even though she already had a will of her own then… she had to have cared for Ghost, Lapis, and Phos on her own… right? Padparadsha believes that the earth gems were going to use Phos’ instability to maker her betray the moon gems… even though they want no gem left behind. They return to the moon, and Prince Aechmea’s waiting. He explodes at Cairngorm for leaving with the others, but Cairn says that she doesn’t like waiting in her new home in her pretty clothes all the time, waiting for him to return. Apparently they’re husband and wife now.
…What... the... hell!
P.S. I'm not sure if I want to know yet if Sensei and old Cairngorm have self will of their own, or if Prince Aechmea was manipulating them at all yet.
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