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Yesterday (Sept. 20), as signs mounted that the Dark Side of the Ring episode on “The Plane Ride From Hell” was going to have consequences for Ric Flair in a way that decades of stories about his behavior hadn’t, Flair tweeted out a statement.. It was a curious one, even as celebrity “apologies” go. For one thing, it was built around the word of someone (filmmaker Rory Karpf, who ... Find your seat at the greatest table with the greatest King. In this seat in the heavenly realms with Jesus, you can be free from self-consciousness, from comparing yourself to others, and from being so preoccupied with whether you have a seat at the table that you’re missing the incredible life in Christ that could be yours. Lynch and Flair’s discussion was interrupted by Bianca Belair, who wondered why she was kept out of the Raw Championship conversation. Finally, it was decided that Blair will take on Flair. And, Flair was defeated by Belair via disqualification after Lynch interfered in the match. Other results on WWE Raw: Ric Flair, Lawrence Taylor, Johnny Bench, Pete Rose, Jerry Lawler, others coming to Music City collectibles show ... The Colts, under coach Len Anderson, defeated Memphis Christian Brothers 3-1 in ...

2021.10.24 05:51 N1ghtmare_sans Who?(idk what flair this falls under)

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2021.10.24 05:51 pur__0_0__ क्या किसी को यहाँ पर विकिपीडिया में अनुवाद जोड़ना आता है?

मैंने हाल ही में एक विकिपीडिया पृष्ठ, पावेल प्रथम लिखा है। ये Paul I of Russia का अनुवाद है, और मैंने इसे योगदान में अनुवाद वाले ऑप्शन से ही बनाया है। लेकिन मैं इसे अनुवाद में नहीं जोड़ पा रहा। मुझे समझ भी नहीं आ रहा इसे कैसे करना है।
मैंने विकिपीडिया के मदद वाले पृष्ठ को देखा लेकिन उससे मुझे कुछ समझ नहीं आया। मैंने हिन्दी वाले पृष्ठ पर कड़ी जोड़ें वाले ऑप्शन को भी चलाने की कोशिश की लेकिन उससे मुझे सिर्फ़ एक एरर मिल रहा है, जिसमें कह रहा है,

An error has occured.
You do not have the permissions needed to carry out this action.
यह पृष्ठ संपादनों एवं अन्य कार्यों से सुरक्षित किया हुआ है।
तो क्या इसका मतलब हुआ मेरी इतनी मेहनत बर्बाद गई? या फिर इस अनुवाद को सिर्फ़ कोई और जोड़ सकता है?
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2021.10.24 05:51 Hungry-Ostrich-5129 One Guitar - 100 effects - Made a video using the kemper and 100 different guitar effects.

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2021.10.24 05:51 ShizuHladki YES ! Speedrun BOTW [Individual level] Shee Venath 5s818 (NEW PB) World record

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2021.10.24 05:51 Not_Red_Fox Minecraft Squid games or something

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2021.10.24 05:51 bongerama Air cooling 5800x in NR200P, C14S enough?

I currently have a 5800x (5900x was $200 more) in the mail and was hearing that it is a toasty chip. I'm planning on putting it in my nr200 (mesh panel) with Noctua's C14S. I've been researching this combo and it seems that some are saying it won't be enough to cool the 5800x. Some recommend the U12A.
I don't plan on overclocking and would just like to keep CPU temps in check.
I also would like to stick with air cooling as I am not too interested in water cooling atm
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2021.10.24 05:51 ETGamer9898 Lankian Myths and the Final Evolution of our Starters! (Co-Starring Holly) [Episode 3]

Hello everyone, and welcome back to my lab! My name is Professor Pine, and I am the professor of the Lanka region! Last episode, we talked about the climate of Lanka and the second evolutionary stages of the starters. Today, we will be discussing the legends of our region and the final evolutions of our starters. I can't wait to see how they have evolved!
Let us begin with the legend of how our region became the way it is now. A long time ago, winter was eternal. A mysterious pokemon controlled the weather and made it a prime habitat for many prehistoric ice types. Many people considered it a wasteland, and abandoned it. However, this was all changed when two pokemon from far away lands came to Lanka. The first was called an "ebony carving," with feathers that absorbed cold and heat. It attacked the pokemon who was controlling the weather, and absorbed every attack the creature threw at it. Eventually it tired and left for a more southern region. The legendary pokemon was victorious, and crowed across Lanka. It flew to the highest peak of the Lanka region, and it absorbed all of the ice and snow, casting the region into a sunny paradise.
However, this was quickly overturned when the legendary pokemon, without warning, let the cold back out. Later in the year, the reverse occurred and the region was cast into summer yet again. This happened for a long time until the second legendary showed up. This pokemon was known as a "foggy maiden," and tempered the violence of the changing seasons. It used its powers to create a pokemon from the first legendaryss feathers, and cast them out into the region. It then settled into a massive waterfall and is said to still reside there today. It is said the pokemon made from the feathers of the first legendary still roams the region, lessening the effects of the first legendary's cold or heat. This created the seasons, as we know it.
Unfortunately, our records are woefully incomplete. This was the best we could come up with, with help from scholars across the region. However, Holly and I are always researching to make sure we can figure out the origins of this myth. Perhaps we may even find the legendary pokemon mentioned in the myths...
Anyways, let us move onto our evolved starters! Holly, will you do the honors?
"Um... I'm sorry sir, but I couldn't get your 'favorite' back into the pokeball. It was... very persuasive."
Ah... so it has already become unruly, huh? Well, I guess we did just level it up with little-to-no personal interaction. It is probably just scared. No worries, Holly, we will go down to the coast when the time comes to it. Why don't you send out our grass type?
"Yes sir!"
All right everyone, meet the final evolved form of of starter Cubfern: the Grass/Ice type, Grizzpine, the Grizzly Bear pokemon! Grizzpine evolves from Beark at level 32, and is the fastest evolving starter. Its fur and bark plates have a layer of ice over it, creating icicles that hang all over its body. Its claws are now covered in ice as well, making it all the more deadly. Grizzpine are massive, standing at 12 feet tall standing on their hind legs. They also weigh nearly 300 pounds, meaning it is definitely not an inside pokemon! That's probably better for it as well, as it doesn't really like hot environments. In fact, when summer rolls around it will find a deep cave or a root ball and freeze the environment around it, going into hibernation until the winter. Even though they become the ice type, they are still in tune with the nature of Lanka. In fact, they can call on the power of the forest to bolster their defenses! This leads to their special move, Hibernation. Grizzpine calls on the forests power to protect it, raising their defense and special defense and healing them by about 25% of their max health. However, they also fall asleep at this point. Grizzpine usually keep their Overgrow ability at this point, but their secondary ability changes to Thick Fat, to help them combat the hot summers and the cold winters.
Now, onto our fire type starter. Everyone, meet the evolved form of Fawnber: our Fire/Normal type, Buckferno, the Wildfire Buck pokemon. Buckferno have fully mastered their fire, growing massive horns made of flames. They also have trails of flame that fly from their legs, making the natives of the region call them 'the comets of the north'. Buckferno evolve from Doeflame at level 36, and give up the possibility of a peaceful life. Their whole lives are devoted to protecting the younger members of their herds, and are constantly hunted either for their spiced meat or for their horns, which make excellent fire wood. They grow up to 7 feet tall, and can weigh up 200 pounds. Buckferno keep the same abilities they had before, being Blaze and Flame Body. They also have a signature move called Flare Horn. They burn the oil on the backs of their legs, sending them rocketing forward to ram the opponent with their horns. This is a priority move, and can leave the opponent with a burn. These pokemon never rest, always on guard. They are fearsome pokemon, and are seldom found alone.
All right, now it is time for our final starter. As Holly mentioned before, we will have to go to the coast to see our evolved water starter. Holly, can you please grab me my cane?
"Right away, Professor."
Thank you. Now, lets make our way there.
Ah, the coast. My favorite place in Katchi Town. You can see for miles here... Ah! There, where that spout is! That is the evolved form of our starter, Roetide. Meet the WateDark type, Orquatic, the Killer Whale pokemon. As you can see, Orquatic has grown to a healthy 23 feet long, weighing almost 7000 pounds. He really has grown up from that tiny pokemon, huh? They have black designs covering much of their body, leaving only its eye spots and its underside a bright blue. If raised right, these pokemon can be loyal friends and can even do tricks! But be careful. Orquatic are one of the most dangerous pokemon of the sea. Pods of these pokemon hunt down Wailords, consuming one in the matter of hours. Orquatic keep the Torrent ability, but their secondary ability changes to Rain Dish. These pokemon have an interesting move that they use to hunt, called Rip Tide. This move takes a while, so it is considered a two part move. First, the pokemon sends out a sheet of water onto the field, making it so no pokemon can switch out. Then, on the second turn it drags all pokemon on the field towards it and thrash them with its terrifying jaws, dealing massive damage. However, the more pokemon there is on the field the harder it is to deal damage. Goodbye, Orquatic! Enjoy your life in the sea!
Hey, do you guys see that?
"Ah! It's a flock of Penguff and Penguffin!"
That it is, Holly! Quickly, let us explain them to our viewers. Ladies and gentlemen, these are our regions signature birds. First there is Penguff, the Penguin Puffin pokemon, a normal/flying type. They have colorful beaks, and can fly for 3 days straight! They tend to be around 1' tall, and about 20 pounds. They can be seen anywhere in the region, as their ability Thick Fat protects them from the cold. Sometimes, you see a Penguff who actually causes snow storms with the Snow Warning ability, but not very often. Penguff can both fly and swim, making them an all-terrain bird. They love to eat Roetide, but almost never eat them due to the fact they're so small and hard to catch.
The second bird is its evolution, Penguffin, the Ice Bird pokemon. These pokemon are Ice/Flying type, and are about 2' tall and weigh around 45 pounds. These pokemon make nests made of ice, thanks to their thick feathers protecting them and their eggs from the cold. They keep the same abilities as before, and use their Thick Fat ability to survive the frigid waters of the north. They evolve from Penguff at level 18, and many people breed them for the oil that covers their feathers.
I think that is all the time we have for tonight! Tomorrow, we will discuss an interesting specimen of a pokemon, and I think it is perfect for the time of year it is right now. Right, Holly?
"Yes sir! Very spooky."
Thank you. Have a nice night, and we will see you in tomorrows episode!
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2021.10.24 05:51 Kay_Guy Are there any glitches out for BFN?

I don’t think you can get banned since they gave up the support
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2021.10.24 05:51 BambooBrady 29y/o Drummer looking for pop punk/ emo band (Los Angeles)

Hey there! I’m looking for any bands in the punk, hardcore punk or emo scenes looking for a drummer. I’ve lived in LA for about 6 years and am trying to get back into the scene. I play most styles but am most keen on something in the heavy punk world.
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2021.10.24 05:51 OscillateYourself 2 AFK teammates, I actually want to kill myself

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2021.10.24 05:51 Blank3ts Looking for Poise Stagger Overhaul Beta 3.3

If anyone has access to Loki’s Patreon lmk, would really appreciate it!
Also looking for BOTuser99 / ADRI mods if anyone has access to his Patreon, I have a ton of them alrdy just looking for recent versions - lmk if anyone needs ABProject Impact/Inquisitor etc.
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2021.10.24 05:51 i_love_Gavin He looks like Sojiro lol

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2021.10.24 05:51 JulesOnR How do Doms make up wrong doings on 24/7 dynamics.

There is a post on here in which someone asks if people have real life punishments for real life problems and there were a couple of Doms and subs that said yes, we have those. But because the question was sub centered the answers where as well, and I just wanted to ask: what happens when the D type does a mess up? How are they "punished" in a way, or inside this dynamic.
If you/they aren't, please explain why not.
I'm asking this because I'm interested in having a 24/7 dynamic and also feel the need to be punished when I've been bad or a bitch, but I also get angry at my D type when he messes up stuff because we're in a relationship. He will resort more to doing housework or getting things out of my hand. I do believe in submitting and obeying him as part of our relationship, but we're also still very much equal in the expectations of each other.
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2021.10.24 05:51 Curvybabygirl95 [f26] I think I’m a 6.. what do you think? 💕

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2021.10.24 05:51 slothpug1 a very aggressive accident..

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2021.10.24 05:50 3FuzzBuzz5 Phlycticrioceras trinodosum (Found by me)

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2021.10.24 05:50 LordP_496 It is time to _________

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2021.10.24 05:50 ShizuHladki YES ! Speedrun BOTW [Individual level] Shee Venath 5s818 (NEW PB) World record

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2021.10.24 05:50 GabagoolInvestor Where can I get Barbour quilted olive green beacon for men large size?

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2021.10.24 05:50 leedsreeds Living Vicariously

long time lurker, first time poster here. i just wanted to say, like everyone else here, i’m so proud of Martina. she always finds a way of getting what she wants no matter what obstacles she’s faced with. being in Japan around this time of year and being able to live there alone and do whatever you want to must be the most magical experience.
my city, previously named ‘the most locked down city in the world’ recently came out of lockdown for good (hopefully) but our international borders are still closed until December. not saying i have the money to travel right away but in the mean time it’s so nice to be able to live vicariously through Martina in what she posts to instagram 🥰
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2021.10.24 05:50 MrEnglishDude Guess who posted this on android..

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2021.10.24 05:50 Noahvrdi bizhup c284 does not print

Hello I have a problem with the bizhub c284e. It does not print, shows a red light and gives the message "The animated guide is not available. Please contact the service representative."
What can I do to fix the problem?
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2021.10.24 05:50 melocatmom He's trying to make friends but nobody wants to reciprocate... ( that's because Sir Carlos have been terrorizing my cats all this time)

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2021.10.24 05:50 kaesflower wearing immodest clothing

hello! i wanted to hop on here and ask if anyone has successfully gotten away with wearing what they’d like to wear in a muslim household and how they did so! i’m not really looking forward to another summer (in 2022 ofc haha) of wearing thick jeans and huge shirts, but my mom is insane when it comes to clothes. she’s the type to call a 13 yr old girl wearing shorts a sl*t or another variation of that word. i constantly have to remind her that not everyone is muslim and those poor kids are just minding their business. i’m not much older than 13 and am still a minor, so i have to live with her. she lets me wear jeans with small rips and stuff like that, but that’s about it. any tips would be appreciated, thank you!! <3
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