Asai vge

2021.10.24 06:43 kavindufdo Asai vge

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2021.10.24 06:43 llirtluos Roommate

Okay so this is a strange one, so I’ve decided to turn to the Reddit community for advice and ideas.
We own our home and currently live with a flatmate who has been a friend of mine for the past 5-6 years. The biggest ‘issue’ we have is his level of hygiene.
He doesn’t shower, brush his teeth, wash clothes for weeks/months (no exaggeration). He works as a builder and will wear the same clothes day in day out, without washing for weeks on end.
His room is an absolute mess and he is intensely selfish and seems to only be able to talk about himself and struggles to show interest in anyone else.
I thought for a while that he was suffering from depression and brought it up with him and he assured me he was okay, but I know he’s a little down.
Does anyone have any ideas or thoughts on what the root cause of this type of behaviour could be?
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2021.10.24 06:43 Own-Ocelot-7866 [searching] strong th14

Rushed but stron a few max troops and all sieges max searching for a low leveled active clan with a low level players to progress with low level players
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2021.10.24 06:43 frequentflier_ Why is Spotify getting worse by the day?

I’ve had a free account for over 7 years now, and i must say the ad structure is getting worse and worse! It’s not “enjoy the next 30 mins free of interruptions”, the loaded some artists ads on top of the ads (Billy Ailish or whatever the hell her name is drive me crazy the most), and a cherry on top of my misery is some promoted songs that have absolutely nothing to do with the playlist I’m trying to listen!
I’m seriously considering to delete my account
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2021.10.24 06:43 superiorfish_ hatevalues results

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2021.10.24 06:43 Zarno123 Why I think some people feel worse on nofap (Some research)

Warning: This is my opinion, but there is some scientific evidence to back up my claims
Nofap isn't about feeling "happy" for the most part, it's got more to do with boosting motivation and productivity to really drive you to your goals. Dopamine doesn't make you feel good, it's a chemical that promises a reward that will make you feel good in the future. Serotonin is responsible for feelings of calm and wellbeing, and oxytocin is the love hormone that makes you feel all cuddly and relaxed.
Both serotonin and oxytocin is released after an orgasm which increases empathy, makes you more humble, nice. On nofap, because you're not ejaculating, you tend to have lower levels of serotonin and oxytocin, but higher levels of dopamine and testosterone.
Lower oxytocin and lower serotonin combined with higher testosterone has been linked to psychopathy, this is another reason why some people say that they start to become an "asshole" when they go on nofap. Nofap is like a mild version of how psychopaths see the world: Not giving a shit, cocky, high self esteem, angry, no anxiety, high confidence.
For some people, this can be seen as a con, other people with social anxiety may benefit from these things.
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2021.10.24 06:43 wrayd1 Squirrel Strength Training

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2021.10.24 06:43 TenTrilby The struggle is real.

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2021.10.24 06:43 sirdonflacko Can you beat stage 5 boss with itachis ex ult on level 1 ?

He has an atk of 40k, i could spend 10 keys in a few days, would it be possible ?
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2021.10.24 06:43 GinKape 26 [M4F] - TWITTER

Pahingi naman ng tips baka may mga alam kayong page na pwedeng panuoran ng porn sa twitter hahaha curious lang, for research purposes po lol thank you guys!
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2021.10.24 06:43 Voball Is there a way to solo t5 rev in full sorrow/¾ sorrow and warden?

magic find go brrrrr
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2021.10.24 06:43 Pollyanna___________ this account's probably gonna be suspended soon

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2021.10.24 06:43 SpachOfTheEast Final exam matchups predictions and odds

Sarada (-250) vs Tsubaki (+300): Banger and I bet sarada will get her third tomeo during it Boruto (-1000) vs denki (+3000): Boruto puts on a clinic but I could see denki being on some cringe “I want to be a chunin” anime canon bs Inojin (-110) vs Houki (-110): obviously already happening I’m not sure what will happen Mitsuki (-150) vs Chocho (+170): Equivalent of gaethje vs chandler. I need to see this
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2021.10.24 06:43 ZoolShop Earthquake hits Taiwan, no damage reported

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2021.10.24 06:43 Such-Trouble-6641 a solid French metalcore playlist with all the good stuff, feel free to recommend more. Enjoy!

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2021.10.24 06:43 karenproletaren NBA G-League Draft 2021: Princepal Singh selected by Stockton Kings, affiliate of Sacramento Kings

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2021.10.24 06:43 browngirllover282 😍

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2021.10.24 06:43 aakashs2333 Yoga Instructor

Hi my name is Aakash Sharma .I am a Yoga Instructor
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2021.10.24 06:43 Shroobsthe1 Minimum withdrawal fees?

So i have been mining for 3 days with my MSI Rtx 3070 2x Ventus OC. I get about 53Mh/s and im sitting at about 40-50°C. I have earned about ~$6-$7 and i wanted to withdraw to my coinbase wallet. When i tried it said “less than minimum amount(0.001btc)”. Is there any way to bypass this/edit minimum amount? I dont like the idea of having my BTC in the NH wallet.
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2021.10.24 06:43 RexBanner1997 'WWE Uncaged' wish list

Are there any songs or themes you would like to see released?
Personally I would like:
Steve Blackman's 2nd theme (Drums in the Night) The production themes for the network versions of SummerSlam 2003 and Armageddon 2000.
Any more?
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2021.10.24 06:43 Yoonice12 Traiding both of them for maradona or pele.

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2021.10.24 06:43 Zxero88 Did the final pages of Unsouled change?

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2021.10.24 06:43 ghostnova6661 I thought this was something different

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2021.10.24 06:43 napnemeanix What further prereqs and gens would be needed if a person has a BSN degree and have taken these courses?

Such as courses completed.
Basic Chem 1
Gen Chem 1 & 2
Orgo Chem 1 & 2
Calc 1,2,3, other extra math courses
Physics 1,2,3
Biology 1, micro bio, Human Structure and Function I & II,
What else is missing?
I'm guessing maybe two more bio courses and a bio chem course.
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2021.10.24 06:43 cormacoconnorr HELP!! Problem with missing players i bought

I have just bought 100 gold common strikers for 450 coins in anticipation for the 75+ picks to get re released during the week.
After i bought them all my total coins went down in line with the 100 gold commons bought but i only received 50 of them and the remaining dissapeared.
I tried buying another 10 and yet again i found myself with only 50 in my unassigned yet my coin balance lower.
How do i fix??
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